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Jhall114Jhall114 Member Posts: 2

My transactions have not been importing with BMO since January 22. In the banking tab, it states that "this connection isn't working" and when I try to reconnect it, it states that there is an issue with BMO and that I should call them to discuss it. I did this today and was told that they know nothing about why this would not be working and advised that I contact wave customer support, which I have also done. I am fully self-employed so this feature is extremely important. Is anyone else having these issues or have information as to why this connection is no longer working? Is there a date to have it resolved?

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  • DeancasDeancas Member Posts: 4

    My connection to my BMO account was also disconnected for some reason. I happened the I reconnected Friday and disconnected again. My account for personal expenses has no problems connecting to my personal BMO account. Please help.

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,811 admin

    Hey there @Jhall114 @Deancas

    In these cases I'd recommend reaching out to our support team and filing a ticket. The support team will have far more insight into your Wave bank connection and should be able to help diagnose the issue easier. The questions our team would need you to answer would be the following:

    1. Which Wave business are you reaching about?

    2. Financial institution, account names and last three digits of affected accounts.

    3. Bank Website URL.

    4. The date of the last successfully imported transaction (if available).

    5. Transactions you should expect to see, but are missing (some example transactions would be helpful ie. "Office depot" $6.45 12/31/19)

    6. Screenshots of the error you're seeing in the connected accounts page.

    Thanks so much for your cooperation!

  • Jane_W_123Jane_W_123 Member Posts: 0

    Seems the only way I can get the credit card info from BMO to update is by deleting the connection and then re-establishing it (and then all new transactions come in twice - which is better than not at all!). My TD bank connections are working well. What's going on??!

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,946 admin

    Hi @Jane_W_123 , transactions can take up to 72 hours to import so please ensure that you're the system the appropriate time to import in your transactions. If this still isn't working, please reach out directly to our Support team through a ticket so we can investigate the connection itself.

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