Income breakdown by month and account

MegRingdalMegRingdal Member Posts: 1

Hi there, I have a couple questions, and hoping someone can help.
I'm wanting to pull a report, showing my income broken down by month. I see they have this feature as a widget on the dashboard, but I can't seem to export it at a report.

Secondly, when you record payment, you indicate whether it is a bank payment/cash payment. Is there anywhere where you can see what percentage of your business was cash, and what was bank transactions?

Really appreciate the help!
Thanks :)


  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 730 admin

    Hey @MegRingdal! Thanks for reaching out here. You can bring up reports that will show your income by month within the Reports section in Wave, but having a month-over-month graph view is not something that Wave can export for you.

    As far as payment reports go, if you navigate to Account Transactions, you should be able to change the Account to the account that you had used whilst marking that invoice as paid. That should be your best bet!

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