Internal Server Error When Customers Making Payments

HillwalkToursHillwalkTours Member Posts: 2

Our customers are getting and internal server error when making payment on a Wave Invoice. Is this happening anyone else?


  • HillwalkToursHillwalkTours Member Posts: 2

    Sample image of what I mean. I've taken the card details out for obvious reasons, but I can confirm that all details were correct when attempting payment.

  • NukeNuke Member Posts: 1

    I can report that I have at least one client has the same issue:

  • mattkletzingmattkletzing Member Posts: 1

    Hello! I had the same problem. Are you both using Payments by Wave? If so, if you log in to your Stripe account, then you should be able to find more details about why there was an error. In my case, it was because the payment was declined by the customer's bank, but there are a lot of other reasons why it might have been declined, too. Wave doesn't pass through all these reasons from Stripe -- they just say "Internal Server Error". Seems like a big oversight on their part!

  • DapperTyDapperTy Member Posts: 1
    My customers are beginning to have this exact same issue as well...
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