Seperate 'Other Income' in the Profit and Loss Report

TheAutoSparkyTheAutoSparky Member Posts: 8

I would like to see the 'Other Income' group of Accounts listed separately from the general list of 'Income' on the Profit and Loss Report.

Treating 'Other Income' as separate from business related income, should extend to the way reports are presented.

For example, interest earned through the bank is not treated as business income, and is calculated and entered into tax returns (in NZ at least) separately from business income.

Can Wave look at this as a possible future feature?



  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi @TheAutoSparky! Thanks for reaching out here. From the detail you have provided, that does make sense and I can see why you would want it separated on the report. I'd be happy to pass this on as a feature request to our team to look into!

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