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I use two companies and I have have almost same products in doth companies for purchase and sales.

I am trying to use Wave Connect and downloading product list from company A and then uploading it to company B. While uploading I am facing an error as below

UPLOAD FAILED: Required column Product Name not found.

Seems something is going wrong from my end, please help :)

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  • PaulCPaulC Administrator Posts: 102 admin

    Hi @virtualworldGlobal,
    Thanks for reporting this.
    When you download a product, the column with product name is called simply 'Name'.
    When you upload products, it needs to be called 'Product Name'.
    You can fix this simply by changing the name of the column before you upload. I've also made a note so that we can change the download name in a future update.
    Hope that helps!

  • virtualworldGlobalvirtualworldGlobal Member Posts: 6

    That's good news it would help everyone if the download name is changed in a future update @PaulC

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