How to generate a T4

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imageHow to generate a T4

Wave offers the ability to generate T4 slips for all employees, as well as a formatted T4 file, so that you can e-file with the CRA. 
Note: you must currently be paying the payroll base fee in orde...

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  • CynthiaaaCynthiaaa Member Posts: 2

    Does this mean we don't have to physically submit anything? All we have to do is generate it online then give a copy to our employees and keep a copy? We don't have to mail it out to CRA?

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    Hey @Cynthiaaa , we do not submit the T4s to the CRA on your behalf, which means that you will have to submit this form yourself.

  • ConnieConnie Member Posts: 5

    How do I add previous year's auto standby charge so it can be included on an employee's 2019 T4? I found where to add it but it does not appear to allow me to date it in 2019. This charge is calculated after Dec 31 was I was unable to add it during the final pay period of 2019. How do I add it now?

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