Number of e-mail addresses and projects per client

JanBBJanBB Member Posts: 11

Overall, we love using this app!!! It is way easier than QuickBooks and anyone can use it. It is not without its challenges, but you all have been making wonderful improvements since we started using it in January last year.

Many of my clients have multiple persons in their organisation who have oversight regarding billing and payments and require all bills to go to each one at the same time. The process is tedious for me to keep inputting at the sending stage. Would you please modify the app to allow multiple e-mail addresses per client or project?

Also, some clients have multiple projects at the same time, but they are not linked directly to their respective owners at the moment. Would you please address that also?

My heartfelt thanks for whatever help you can give in these areas.


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @JanBB , we sincerely appreciate the feature idea here and I'm happy that you provided real life use cases as well. For full transparency, I don't think this is something which is on our roadmap for the near future, but this is definitely a requested feature so I'll pass your feedback along to the team.

    edited February 14, 2020
  • JanBBJanBB Member Posts: 11

    Thank you very much. I appreciate that you all have taken note of my suggestion and that it could help someone else.

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