Posting a bill

Kangaroo_JackKangaroo_Jack Member Posts: 2
I'm not an accountant I'm part of a not for profit which decide to use and since our books are so basic.
I know it's an invoicing app, but occasionally we need to pay a bill for something.
Can I do that and if so, where? It makes the banking link a bit pointless otherwise.


  • Kangaroo_JackKangaroo_Jack Member Posts: 2
    Apologies for doing that in my phone. If course I meant paying a bill.
  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,533 admin

    Hey @Kangaroo_Jack . You can represent your bills as being paid by marking them as such, but you can't actually pay your bills through the software directly as this isn't a feature that we support at the moment.

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