Made a big mistake, desperate to restore account to previous day.

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Hello. I made a disastrous mistake this morning. I thought I was innocently connecting my bank accounts that hadn't been connected in a long time. I wasn't even sure I wanted to do this, I just wanted to try it out to see if I liked it. I told it to go ahead and import my data from as far back as possible.

Once done, it said something about my accounts needing to be reconciled because amounts weren't balancing. I said sure, and proceeded to click buttons, stupidly. I then saw lots of ancient transactions, from like 2014 all the way up til now. I believe it wanted me to manually connect the payments I'd entered as received in the past with a specific transaction at my bank, which would have taken freaking forever to do. That seemed ridiculous and way more than I bargained for, so I decided to clear the slate and start again, but this time only importing transactions back about 12 months and just balance those. So I deleted all of the old bank transactions with plans to try again.

Instead of just deleting my bank transactions, though, it deleted all of my "Recorded Manual Payments" from all clients, ever, and now it says they are all overdue! That's 1300 invoices starting back in 2014!

I had no idea I needed to be taking manual backups or that connecting my bank account would open up this can of worms. I am to blame for creating this mess, I know, but I do feel I should've at least been warned better with a "Do you REALLY want to do this" dummy box...

Anyway, what I'm desperate to find out - is there just some button that Wave can click to restore my account to yesterday, like this never happened? I'd give anything for them to just undo my last 24 hours?

In this day and age you can restore websites and Cloud backups and so much more with once click, surely they can just make this day vanish for me?

I really don't have time to comb through 6 years of invoices to see what's really been paid. And I'd rather not delete all of them altogether because I look at old invoices frequently when pricing new stuff, and I also use old data to run reports (like how much I've made from one client over the years,etc.)

Again, I know it's my fault, but holy shit. I'm terrified to ever press a button on here again.

Looking for any quick way to restore my account to the previous day. If not possible, the fastest way to remedy this that hopefully doesn't require me opening 1300 old invoices up manually, finding their actual paid dates in my old spreadsheets, and redoing all of them :-((( Time is of the essence, I logged in and caused this mess today because I was getting ready to send out monthly invoices, which I obviously can't do now. And OMG do I need a paycheck right now.

Full of regret,



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    @Wigglepit Hi M, I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but there's no way for us to revert your account to a former state I'm afraid ☹️. If you want to have all of your invoices marked as paid, the only way to handle this would be to go through them and manually mark them as paid. I'm sorry that there isn't more that we can do for you here, M.

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