Bank Connection Issue Since Update

TSynTSyn Member Posts: 1

I had a horrible time reconnecting/reauthorizing my credit union account after the update. I finally got it working but suddenly it's only importing 4 of the 5 accounts I have there. It shows 4 of the accounts to connect even though there are five. Any idea on how to get the integration importing everything?

Also the financial widget on the dashboard that showed the account totals is gone. Was that part of the update?


  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 460 admin

    Hey @TSyn! Thanks for reaching out here. If you do not see all of your accounts listed then it is likely that the account has not yet had a supported connection built. Our data aggregator is always working to update these connections so hopefully this is built soon! Wave Connect is a great alternative in the meantime to get transactional data into your account. As for the bank widget, our team are currently working on one that we hope to release soon but we do not have an ETA!

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