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I just want to start this discussion by saying that Wave is just amazing! From the ease of use to the UI design, it's a great product.

I own a small IT consultancy business in the South Pacific and other solutions as QuickBooks or Zoho were nice but too expensive for what my company needs.

I've been using Wave that I found in an article on for a couple of days and I love it.

I also have a few suggestions of features it would be amazing to see in Wave:

  • Creation of recurring bills (currently invoices only);
  • Creation of estimates from the Wave app (currently invoices only;
  • Ability to add an email in the company contact details section of an estimate/invoice (currently phone, fax and website only);
  • Ability to add social media links in the company contact details section of an estimate/invoice (currently phone, fax and website only);

And later on:

  • Ability to change the tax model of a particular estimate or invoice;
  • Ability to connect a domain name in order for customers to receive estimates and invoices from a business' domain name instead of Wave;

Let me know what you guys think and for the recurring bills and email in the company details section I can't wait!



  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,533 admin

    Hi @chrislombardo , happy to have you with us and welcome to the Community!

    I can comment on some of your individual feature ideas here:
    -recurring bills is definitely a request we get a fair amount. At the moment, you can clone your pre-existing bills which should make it at least easier for you so you don't have to recreate them from scratch every time.
    -we won't be adding estimates to the invoices app in the near future although long term we'd like to create an all-encompassing app that would allow us to have everything that is available in the web-app come together in a single mobile app.
    -I'd be more than happy to bring the additional detail request back to the team. The social media request isn't something we get that often and I can totally see the desire for it here.

    In regards to your last two requests, I can gladly bring those back to the team as well.

    We appreciate all of your feedback here, Chris!

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