Why cant I merge duplicate transaction during reconciliation?

CoriCori Member Posts: 1

Two duplicate credits. Same date, same amount, same account, same category.
When selected the merge button does not appear as available.


  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi @Cori, thanks for reaching out! That sounds strange. If they have the same 'account' they should be able to be merged. Are you able to share screenshots of the two transactions you are trying to merge here? If there are duplicate transactions, you could also delete one of them instead of merging! Feel free to edit out any details form the screenshot you don't want to share :)

  • richieWalshrichieWalsh Member Posts: 1

    Perhaps i am doing something wrong.
    I created an invoice.
    recorded a payment (cheque) in a cheque account (money in transit)
    lodged the cheque into checking account at bank
    transferred total to checking account vial upload bank statement.
    I can not merge any of the transactions.

    I now have excess in checking account (cheque amount)
    If I delete invoice cheque account drops
    If I delete transfer cheque account increases

    any sugestions

  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 115 admin

    @richieWalsh Hmm. You shouldn't have to merge any transactions in this case. When you upload your bank statement into Wave, all you'll need to do is record a transfer in Wave for the transaction in question to the desired account. We actually have a great Help Center article on this to guide you through the process. Check it out here:

    Bookkeeping undeposited checks

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