Estimate Window Not Working

MakenelMakenel Member Posts: 2

I am having an issue with the estimate window not working for some time now, Please can you help? Attached is a screenshot.



  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 461 admin

    Hi Nelson @Makenel_2020! Thanks for providing that screenshot! Sorry to see you're having this issue. Can you confirm if you have tried clearing your cache and cookies? Have you tried different browsers with the same result? This Wave guide has troubleshooting steps you can try - What browsers does Wave support. Let us know!

  • MakenelMakenel Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for your response @EmmaP. I have cleared cache and cookies for all browsers and still did not work. It now works only in Microsoft Edge Ver 80, after the upgrade but not working in chrome and firefox.


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