New Wave Version Not An Improvement

JimHJimH Member Posts: 9

I can't even imagine how the minds behind this new version think it's an improvement. Perhaps certain aspects are more reliable, such as the bank connections. But overall, my experience is hindered greatly, not improved.

  • No balances on the dashboard screen is just stupid. I haven't had a bank import in over 12 hours now, and they've removed the ability to do one manually.
  • When I reconnected my accounts, all of my old transactions were disconnected. Now I have new bank connections, my old bank connections disconnected and no link to the old transactions. How is this helpful? The transactions page no longer shows me the details by highlighting. Now, it's a click and to the right.
  • My account balances in transactions are double and triple my real balances, as if it's combining the old and new bank account connections somehow. How can it be this dumb?

This is just two days in on the new version. Can't wait to see what else is screwed up. Definitely looking at QuickBooks online. This is no longer useful in its current state.


  • pdettipdetti Member Posts: 10

    EXACTLY! And we still don't have Recurring Bills...!

  • Kr8ve1Kr8ve1 Member Posts: 9

    Wait till you have to reconcile. It’s a nightmare. I’ve have to go all the way back to 2013 to fix everything. Wave does t care they just apologize-which isn’t a solution to a problem they created.

  • mrsmrs Member Posts: 2

    I am sorry but the new 'bank connection' module is a disaster. I don't have an option to edit connection details either. WaveApps is going to die under the new owner H&R Block.

  • JimHJimH Member Posts: 9

    The refresh manually option has to come back or I'm done with this. 13 hours now without a refresh to my bank. How is anyone supposed to do accurate books when your transactions are not coming in? They used to come in right away with a refresh on the old system. This has become totally useless to me.

  • JimHJimH Member Posts: 9

    Even simple ease of use features are gone. Used to be able to show 100 transactions per page. Now I've got to keep hitting the "add transactions" button. Also not a fan of the new "on the side" transaction details window. It compresses everything in the window to unreadable. No account summary on the dashboard anymore sucks too. Wave used to be user friendly. This isn't. :-(

  • JimHJimH Member Posts: 9

    Another new problem. After I did the bulk move thing with my old transactions to the new bank accounts my balances are all screwed. I'd be reconciling till I die to fix this. Ridiculous. Whoever bought Wave, thanks for messing up a perfectly good bookkeeping program.

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 457 admin

    Hey @JimH, thanks for reaching out to voice your concerns here. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the bank import feature but I appreciate the feedback you have provided. The new interface has changed quite a lot from the old one so it is important to hear what is not working or not working. I see you have current Support tickets with our team here so we will continue to help you through those channels to get the information needed to assist you further.

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