Receipts does not appear in accounting -> transaction

chrisswintoochrisswintoo Member Posts: 2

I have uploaded a receipt from the app and approved it and it is now in done status and I can see them in the back office. So this is great. BUT I can't find this record in my accounting -> transaction, it is not recorded there.
I am new to wave for according my research and from what I understand when a receipt is done, it should appear in my transactions, am I right?
I am not sure why, any idea?


  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 687 admin

    Hey @chrisswintoo! Have you still not seen that transaction created after that receipt upload? Have you taken a look into the appropriate date? Would love to dig further into this with you!

  • chrisswintoochrisswintoo Member Posts: 2

    I ended up deleting it and adding the receipt as an expense as it never appeared under my transaction.
    But I did add another receipt and then processed it from the computer and not from my mobile and this one went through so not sure what happened.
    Let's see for the next receipt how it goes,

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