Adding A discount to the bill Of purchases

Steveal3aneefSteveal3aneef Member Posts: 3

Hi Guys

I 've been using wave apps for a year now, I never thought to ask questions on this forum,

my question is, there an easy way to add a discount on a bill given by the supplier,

Your help means a lot to my business. thanks in advance


  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,175 admin

    Hey @Steveal3aneef! The only way to add a discount showing on the bill would be to add a line item with a negative price to the bill. Hope that helps!

  • crawley7crawley7 Member Posts: 4

    if the bill has already been reported in a previous period with sales tax added ,by adding a further line with the discount and discount on the sales tax it will throw it out of wack ,surely?

  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,535 admin

    Hey there @crawley7

    We might need a bit more info about what this looks like in a use-case scenario. Could you elaborate on what you're looking to achieve between your vendor and you?

  • liezlliezl Member Posts: 3

    Hello @BarsinA :)
    I have the same question on this side.

    I get a 20% discount from my supplier. This allows me to charge my clients the recommended retail price while still marking it up with 20%. When I add the products to an invoice, I need the normal retail price to show, not the w/sale price I'm paying.

    Also on this...
    I must capture the supplier invoice, and add project expenses. This will allow me to see profit.

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  • mhammadlatifACCAmhammadlatifACCA Member Posts: 29

    Correctly identified by @BarsinA

    Guys you will need to create a new item, enter a negative value which will be manually calculated.

    Double Entry:
    This will reduce your Accounts Payable (a debit entry) and Credit entry to the expense account (you can also choose a liability, asset etc. in this field) tagged to that item.

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