Associate invoice to a payable bill?

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Good morning.....Is there a way to associate the creation of multiple invoices (or even one) to a single payable entry? I run a consulting business where I am the middle person in a transaction between my clients and the purchases they make. On a typical transaction, a purchase results in a single lump-sum payable to me from the vendor which I then have to break down into 1 - 5 different clients, each needing their own invoice. Payments from the 1-5 clients can come as paper checks, ACH, or credit card. Is there a way to tie this all together so invoice payments get recorded against the lump-sum vendor bill thus showing me who has paid and who still owes? Also, the payments from the clients are "gross" payments (yes they understand this!) on their portion and I pay a "net" lump-sum payable. Thus this creates an excess on the payment side which I need to associate to commission income.


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    Hey @Alphabet158! Thanks for that thorough context here. Unfortunately, this is not something that you can associate within Wave at present, I totally hear how this would be beneficial for you, but it is not currently on our road map.

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