How to correct State and Local witholdings

jmprattjmpratt Member Posts: 2

For a couple payroll periods, I was mistakenly withholding state and local taxes from my employees. I never sent that amount to the state. How do I correct that in Wave so that the employee's W-2 will show $0 withheld for state and local taxes?



  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,406 admin

    Hey @jmpratt . As this may be a tad more complex, please reach out through live chat so one of our agents can take a look at this Payroll request for you.

  • jmprattjmpratt Member Posts: 2
    @AlexL I have tried several times, but the chat has been inactive even between stated working hours. I also sent a priority email with no response. I will try again.
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