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StephanieGBStephanieGB Member Posts: 2

Wave invoicing has been fantastic for us. One thing that would be very helpful would be a place to record some notes. There are three of us that use the system and though we try to tell each other what we have done it would be nice to record the information along with the invoice so it is there, just in case. Thank you!


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,733 admin

    Hi @StephanieGB . We appreciate you taking the time to write out your request. It also helps a lot to have an understanding of how this would help you and what kind of effect it would have on your business, so thanks for the feedback!

  • StephanieGBStephanieGB Member Posts: 2

    Because there are three of us who work in the system, it would be nice to have a place to record internal notes. Right now we just have to email back and forth to tell each other when things get done but it would really nice to have a place to keep that information inside of the invoice. For example, because of how we need to email out the invoices, receipts, etc we cannot use your internal system and have to use an external system (our student information system). Although WAVE will mark items sent and will record a date when the item is sent (provided we email the invoice to ourselves) it would be really nice to have a place to actually record that in WAVE with some more inofrmation as we send a invoice then send it again after it is overdue. Hope that makes sense.

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