Report of Entries that have no Sales Tax on them

tadindatadinda Member Posts: 2

One way of ensuring that VAT returns and Sales returns are accurate is if a report can be generated which shows all the transactions that do not have a sales tax to them.
Is this available or can it be generated somehow?


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,753 admin

    HI @tadinda . This is not currently available in Wave, although I definitely think this is an interesting proposal. Do you find it difficult to check through the accuracy of your VAT returns without the report?

  • tadindatadinda Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for your reply.
    Most certainly it is difficult without such a report.
    The way I do it now is using the transactions screen. I have to visually go through each transaction to see if there is any tax attached to the transaction. Also you do not get to see what Tax has been applied if the transactions is a Bill Payment.

    So definitely a report which lists all the transactions, including Bill Line transactions, which have not attracted a tax would be extremely helpful.

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