Santander Business Banking No Longer Supported????

ErikBErikB Member Posts: 2

I had been experiencing problems with the old banking integration system with Santander bank in late 2018. I just got the notice that my account has been updated and that I needed to reconnect my Santander bank account. Upon trying to do so, though, it looks like only PERSONAL Santander accounts are supported. Business banking requires a different login with an Organization ID, User ID, and Password. The new system does not offer the ability to enter this information - instead only asking for a username and password for a personal account. The old system offered business banking as a distinct choice among Santander options, but the new system does not appear to have the option for business banking.

Will this be fixed? It has been a royal pain to manually input transactions and if this is not going to be fixed I will have no choice but to find a better service.


  • mderanmderan Member Posts: 1

    I am also having this problem. It appears that the new banking integration does not support Santander Business accounts. This is a pretty big inconvenience .

  • magnificodesignmagnificodesign Member Posts: 3

    Ditto, as above. Experiencing the same problem as @mderan and @ErikB and would appreciate an answer. Original post from @ErikB was Jan. 10 and time is ticking before the entire loyal Wave customer base jumps ship for another service.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,572 admin

    Hi @ErikB @mderan @magnificodesign . If Santander business doesn't appear in the aggregator's search, then I'm afraid this isn't currently supported. In regards to not asking for the right fields, if you submit a ticket to our support team they can escalate your issue directly to our aggregator.

  • magnificodesignmagnificodesign Member Posts: 3

    Well, that's a true bummer, @AlexL. Thanks. How do I submit a ticket to the support team?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,572 admin

    Hi @magnificodesign . I see the ticket you submitted and I've asked someone from the team to take a look at it. You should be receiving a response shortly!

  • David_autofile_MLDavid_autofile_ML Member Posts: 21


    Please will you try our autofile.ML Bank2Wave connector.
    I searched for Santander business see screen shot below,
    More at autofile.ML

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