Receipts uploaded through still 'processing'

waikikiwaikiki Member Posts: 5

Hi a few of my recipts have been stuck 'processing' for quite some time. What could be the proble? They are uploaded through the web (not through the app). Uploaded a few earlier and they were fine, then deleted one receipt and since then its stuck.



  • Nathan92Nathan92 Member Posts: 5

    I am having the exact same issue. The app has also been removed from Playstore.

  • waikikiwaikiki Member Posts: 5

    Also tried to open the wave receipt app on an iphone just now, and it's also not opening/ starting

  • AnthonyHolmesAnthonyHolmes Member Posts: 1

    Same for me. Receipt uploaded through the web interface is still showing as 'Processing' 4 hours later.

  • Nathan92Nathan92 Member Posts: 5

    I am getting worried now. Has anyone had any contact from any admin or from emails?

  • One_AutoOne_Auto Member Posts: 15

    I went on twitter, they have got back to and now my receipts are working

  • waikikiwaikiki Member Posts: 5

    Yes, I just uploaded another set of receipts and seems to be working ok now. And the previous ones that were stuck 'processing' are fine now too.

  • linley_m123linley_m123 Member Posts: 1

    I'm experiencing the same issue. Uploaded 8 receipts about 8 hours ago and the status is still "Processing". Does anybody know whether this is a technical issue or are there any work arounds or an ETA for the resolution? Thanks!

  • One_AutoOne_Auto Member Posts: 15
    My receipts have uploaded but not any of details on the receipt.
  • ARJARJ Member Posts: 2

    Same issue !
    Any update or solution ?

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 389 admin

    Hey @linley_m123 and @ARJ! Can you both upload some screenshots here of what you're seeing as far as those stuck 'Processing' receipts go? Would love to look further into this with you.

    @One_Auto I'd love to see what this looks like for you as well, in terms of what details you expect to see in these receipt uploads versus what actually appears.

    To everyone else who has weighed in here, thanks for keeping the thread updated, and I'm sorry our turnaround time as far as getting responses in the community has been a little lacking as of late.

  • One_AutoOne_Auto Member Posts: 15
    I posted my issue on twitter, someone got back to me and within an hour my receipts uploaded but didn't upload with any details filled in!
    Tried again and they worked ok.

  • ARJARJ Member Posts: 2


    It was solved after a day. I didn't know why it happened at first place.
    Thank you

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