Invoicing - multiple shipping address

MightyMouseMightyMouse Member Posts: 1

I run in the service industry and have a couple of accounts, such as a property manager and a restaurant chain. Both of these have a single billing address, but multiple service locations. When invoicing if I change the shipping address it changes them on all previous invoices as well. Is there a way to have 1 billing address and multiple shipping addresses on 1 client profile or do I have to create 60+ profiles for the same client to cover each location? Is there also a way to cuztomize "shipping address" to say "Service address's" on my end?


  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 425 admin

    Hey @MightyMouse! I totally hear where you're coming from, and I can see your need for this feature/independence of the address with regards to where you're shipping/servicing from. Unfortunately, this is not something that's currently possible within the current build of Wave, and the customization of the Shipping Address title is not something that can be changed as well. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience here.

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