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I'm trying to categorize my 'uncategorized' into the categories they need to go in. I always have a lot in sales under [payments] from Paypal, that I need to sort into the sales income category. It seems very flakey on this new layout unless I'm doing something wrong. I filter out "uncategorized income" then go down the list to move them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I click the "Edit" then try to move the selected entries to "sales" and nothing happens. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
The new format of the page really sucks, and doesn't work well.
What am I doing wrong??


  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,528 admin

    Hey there @tegwilym

    My apologies that this new transactions page is a bit confusing at the moment. I may need a bit more info on what you mean by "sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't". When your account was migrated to the newest version, all your previous uncategorized transactions were moved over as is and unfortunately cannot be categorized now. Newly imported uncategorized items can be categorized, but not the ones that were migrated over.

    You can however use journal transactions under Accounting > Transactions > More > Add journal entry, to move the funds from the uncategorized account into whichever accounts you like! This will take a bit of manual work, and for that I apologize, however it is possible to get funds into the proper accounts if you so wish!

    Reach out if you need more help!

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