Debating on getting Payroll but have a question first

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I have my own company and i am an W2 employee of that company. However, i don't have constant work. I may go 3 months with out any jobs. Then the next month have 3 Different jobs. What is the best way to run payroll efficiently? Pick a low salary so i can get a check every month? That would also mean paying $4 every month + $35. Is it possible to go 3 months of paying nothing. Then month 4 pay the $35 + $4, then remove the employee (do i need to cancel subscription as well?) . Then month 5 and 6 pay nothing. Then month 7 and 8 pay $35 + $4 for each month, then go back to nothing? Is that even possible or will i always have to pay the $35 every month and can only skip out on the $4 monthly fee by removing and adding myself back? I want to be accurate with the IRS but also don't want to pay for the months i don't have work if that's even possible.


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    Hey @robR . If you're not paying yourself for three months at a time, I'd highly recommend that you offboard yourself as an employee, and deactivate your account. When you do need to pay yourself again, you can reactivate the Payroll account, and re-onboard yourself. This will prevent you from getting charged in the off months.

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