Does all Payroll Wages and Taxes consider as "Payroll Liabilities" category?

SriSri Member Posts: 13

In the middle of the year, we switched from WF payroll service to ADP. After ADP payroll started Journal Entry (JE) created (For WF not created)

Bank import transactions ADP has withdrawn (Wage pay and Tax) categorized to "Payroll Liabilities" to match to JE.

So what category Wells Fargo withdrew transactions (Wage pay and Tax) belongs to? Which don't have JE. Are they still consider has "Payroll Liabilities"



  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,406 admin

    Hi @Sri , thanks for reaching out. This article should give you some further context, but basically if you categorize your payments that are importing in from your bank as Payroll Liabilities, it will zero out the liabilities that are created when the Journal Transaction is made.

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