Linking scanned expenses to Invoice...

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I'm working my way throught this application, so far OK.
Recently added Android app to scan the expenses, uploaded OK and listed in Wave in Receipts. Can't remember the 'approved' process but they appeared in the Transaction log now, where I have catorised them as 'Refund for reimbursed expenses' (in new reimbursment account specially for the client). OK I think so far...
So invoicing.... create an invoice... and added a Product & Service for Consuting... OK. Added an item ... selected the Income account " Reimbursement acccount (Client) ...then tried to add an item drop down.....cannot see any listing of the reimbursment expenses (client) only the same origional Product and Services list???
I was expecting to see the list of expenses transfered from Expenses/Tranaction - Yes?? But not. What am I missing?
I had to manually enter each expense directly into the Products and Services then I could see them.

PS the scanning app shows the images against each item - OK - but it would be great if these images could be attached to the invoice or a separate report?



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    Hey @NikTB! Thanks for reaching out here and giving us all of this context! Can you let send a screenshot of that invoice page where you're expecting to see your created products and services? Would love to get some more context around this so we can find a solution together!

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