Looking for an efficient and organized bookkeeper for a jewellery start-up company

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I am looking for a bookkeeper who is experienced with using Wave to help me get started with organizing, transferring and cleaning up my hard-copy bank / credit card / business transaction statements that I have been keeping since March 2018.

I have tried to enter the data myself but as user-friendly as Wave is, I am having trouble with the categories and sub-categories of the Chart of Accounts and interpreting the transactions manually, especially given I am quite precise when it comes to categorizing.
I am not looking to source a task that requires a complicated skill set, just looking for someone who is going to help me make the basic mold so I can key-in future transactions on my own.

Let me know if you'd be happy to help.
Looking forward to hearing from you if you're interested.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

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    Please Message Me for further information.

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    Happy New Year Fiola,
    Let's get the new year off to a proper start. I can help set you up so you're good to go on your own.


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