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  • TaxLabTaxLab Member Posts: 22

    POS, please. I would like to take payment in office without turning to another app. You'll make more in transaction fees.

  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi @TaxLab.

    We're very aware that more convenient payment processing methods are a win for you AND for us, so the question of how to best do this and where to best assign our resources is always on our mind.

    Can you tell us a bit more about how you process payments now? Are you mostly receiving payments in person?

    We're always trying to learn a bit more about the business lives of our users in order to help figure out the best features to go for next.

  • CarsoCarso Member Posts: 1

    hi, im facing the same, i take both types of payments, in person and transfer, so it would be nice if you can create some type of point fo sale

  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @Carso!

    We'd love to be able to provide this one day, so it's great to know Wavers would love to see it too.

    Can you tell us what kind of business you run? What do you use right now to process your payments, other than Wave?

  • BenjaminCBenjaminC Member Posts: 1

    I have searched but havent been able to find an answer. Does Wave Payments support any sort of mobile card reader? I dont particularly want to type in credit card info on my phone, I'd much rather use a reader. Thoughts?

  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @BenjaminC.

    Wave doesn't currently have a Point of Sale system to offer. We are very much aware that offering more payment processing methods is a win for you AND for us, so the question of how to best do this and where to best assign our resources is always on our mind.

    What kind of business do you operate? I'd love to know more about your workflow for accepting payments and invoicing your customers.

  • BenjaminCBenjaminC Member Posts: 1

    Thanks for your response. I have a startup martial arts school. I would like to be able to accept payments via mobile phone on the spot as well as have the recurring charge and invoicing capability.

  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 admin

    Thanks, @BenjaminC! And congratulations on getting your business off the ground!

  • mauricepughmauricepugh Member Posts: 0

    I want to be clear; you have no credit card reader features; do you recommend one that integrates with your program

  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @mauricepugh.

    Wave doesn't integrate with any point of sale system for the time being. You can accept credit card payments through Wave, but your clients will either have to pay for their invoices, or you'll have to enter their credit card information manually.

    We'd love to offer our own PoS system one day, but it isn't something that we're aiming to offer in the foreseeable future. Could you tell me a bit more about your business and about your needs when it comes to payment processing? We do accept payments through a variety of means, even if we don't offer a PoS system at this time, and maybe one of those would still be right for you.

  • Darren7Darren7 Member Posts: 1

    Hello, I run a Licensed Pest Control business in Australia and I currently use "Another" mobile reader for my customer payments but I really like the Wave Accounting expense, invoice and quoting features. Could you pass on that a mobile reader that plugs into an iphone and ipad is very desirable for mobile businesses using Wave. Many thanks for an excellent free accounting app as well.

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  • brandascentbrandascent Member Posts: 1

    I currently use square as my front end POS. I love it, except that accounting integration is very much lacking, especially because I have 5 small locations. I can sync inventory from 1 location, but not 5... The cost to integrate for 5 locations gets pretty expensive, and still does not offer SKU synch and true inventory sync back to my accounting platform

    The other thing i like about square is the payment system... Credit card, debit and tap are key... easy peasy.

    If wave were to have a front end POS (similar to square), and debit / Tap payments as well... I believe you would be a strong consideration for most retail businesses. Even though your processing rates are slightly higher than square, I would jump ship for a provider that had everything in one place, or well integrated.

  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @Darren7.

    While this is something we'd love to offer in one form or another later down the road, there are no plans to add a point of sale system or a card reader in the foreseeable future. That's not to say it'll never happen. Our world here at WaveHQ moves lightning fast and it's hard to predict what the future does hold.

    With that said, you aren't the first person to suggest a tool like that one, and we appreciate you sharing your feedback and your experience.

  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 admin

    Thank you for your feedback, @brandascent.

    There are no plans to add a PoS system to our ecosystem for the foreseeable future, but that isn't to say it won't happen someday. We would, after all, love to be able to offer new methods of accepting payments!

  • Michael_LMichael_L Member Posts: 11

    Joining in a bit late - but I thought I'd add my vote to this. I have a small photo studio where we handle payments at the studio in person as well as through our online portals. We currently use a separate PoS terminal for debit & credit card payments, but I have no real way to produce a decent transaction record for our clients and nothing that integrates into our accounting.

    I'll be experimenting with the invoicing screen as a sort of front-end sales system. It would be ideal for us if Wave could offer a 'sales window' where my receptionist could just process sales - eventual integration with your payment processing would be an amazing next step.

  • jhiner1978jhiner1978 Member Posts: 1

    Would love this integration

  • SkafteSkafte Member Posts: 34

    +1! :) An integration with iZettle would make up a great combination! Perhaps that's a bit more realistic to have up and running in the near future, than a dedicated Wave PoS...?

  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 515 admin

    @Michael_L @jhiner1978 @Skafte In full transparency, a front end POS system is not something that is on the 2019 roadmap as Wave usually works in the realm of software rather than hardware and a POS system would involve likely some sort of hardware extension.

    @Skafte I'd love it if you could further explain how you would see an integration with iZettle and Wave working together. I can't necessarily say whether it is feasible or not, but having some insight in terms of what our users would like to see is extremely valuable.

  • Michael_LMichael_L Member Posts: 11


    Wave usually works in the realm of software rather than hardware and a POS system would involve likely some sort of hardware extension.

    Thanks so much for your reply - and I do understand your company would have a ton of work if you started integrating hardware into your product line. I already have hardware though, so that's not required for my suggestion - and seriously, you could attract new customers to Wave without offering any hardware at all.

    Essentially I'm just thinking of a small tweak to the existing interface, so that there would be an 'order entry' type screen. To keep it profitable for you, it could be available only with the paid "Payroll" upgrade so that each of my employees would have customized (limited) access to the system. At the bottom security level employees would only access an order entry screen where they can generate invoices, record payments, and print receipts - basically, they get ONLY the "Invoices" tab from your existing menu.

    Create that filter so my employees can enter the transactions (without being able to change their own payroll), and BAM you'd have an easy-access POS option for your clients and offer a great feature to attract smaller businesses to Wave.

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  • SkafteSkafte Member Posts: 34

    Hi @JordanFromWave – thanks for your response! It's great that you guys are so active and listening here in the forum! :)

    To be completely honest, I don't actually know exactly how this integration could work from a technical perspective. I'm just about to open a coffee shop and I am planning on using Wave and iZettle. I see that there's already an integration available between Xero and iZettle, but unfortunately, I can't see how it works and what it offers as I don't have a Xero account. Anyway, I am planning on using iZettle for PoS in the coffee shop, for keeping track of stock, and finally, for reporting on product sales. If it was in any way possible to sync this data between Wave and iZettle, then I'd be a very happy man! :smile: -I really do think that this would be the easiest, most efficient and satisfactory way for Wave to offer a simple PoS solution.

    [a few minutes later] I've just found these two pages, which explains a bit about how the iZettle to Xero integration works:

    I suppose a similar solution to that is what I am looking for!

    Hope to see this and many thanks!

  • AndrewFromWaveAndrewFromWave Member Posts: 10 admin

    Hi @Michael_L , thanks so much for taking the time to explain your thinking! That’s a really interesting concept and something we may be able to explore in the future. We recently added the “Admin” role to Wave, which allows business owners to grant full access to Wave to trusted business partners and family members. It’s possible we could explore other ways to grant partial system access in order to enable other members of a business—such as front-of-store employees—to enter transaction data.
    While there are no plans currently for development of a PoS interface or user-role, your feedback here really does help us decide on what to build in the future and how to best help our business owners :)
    @Skafte we love to listen! Hearing about your challenges and goals as business owners and users of Wave is inspiring, interesting, and a great source of new design and development ideas.

  • SkafteSkafte Member Posts: 34

    Hi there @AndrewFromWave,

    Hope you are well!!

    Any news on a potential iZettle integration??? :smile:


  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @Skafte, I'm afraid there is still no eta on this integration. The integration team is aware of this request, and we will definitely update this thread as soon as we have any new information! :smiley:

  • lindenklindenk Member Posts: 1

    Hi @Alexia,
    We're now just about a full year after your last post on this Card Reader!
    Do you have any updates or ETA on this?
    This is very very important for me, our customers do not have that much access to a browser, and they are willing to pay on the go!

    Please get us a positive :wink:update on this. Thanks!

  • MyronMyron Member Posts: 143 admin

    Hi @lindenk! I'd like to start off by extending a big warm welcome to you for joining the Wave Community! We are definitely thrilled to have you here with us :)

    I'm afraid that even now, one year removed from Alexia's post above, there are no hard plans to introduce a Wave Card Reader.

    I can certainly understand how a card reader feature can be very beneficial for your needs. Though we don't have plans to develop a card reader at the moment, this does not mean that it will never happen.

    As an alternative, may I suggest checking out our free Mobile Invoicing app? Wave's Invoicing app allows you to create invoices and charge your customers on the go! For more information about the app, please see: https://www.waveapps.com/invoice-mobile

  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @lindenk, thanks for reaching back out! I'm afraid introducing a Wave card reader/point of sale system is not something that is on our immediate roadmap. Our Product Team is currently focused on updates to invoices and reconciliation. If our plan changes on things we will be sure to update you, but I do not have an ETA on when that would be.

  • SkafteSkafte Member Posts: 34

    Hi @Zoe_caff – hope you are well!

    Sorry to chase you on this, but was just wondering if you can give us an indicator as to whether you think there will ever be an integration between Wave and iZettle?

    It would be really useful to know, because if not, then we can avoid waiting and start looking at the currently available alternatives.

    Many thanks!

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @Skafte It's likely that this won't be implemented anytime soon, but we're happy to continue the discussion in this thread if more users want to chime in and give their +1's for it. However, when we do have a stronger sense or more of an idea of what this would look like if we were to consider adding it to Wave, we will definitely post in this thread letting our users know.

    +1 to adding PoS system. Just the software, like the Invoice and Receipts apps you already had on Android. We'd take care of the hardware.
  • alialiwa2005alialiwa2005 Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I was just wondering; maybe a Square card reader may work well?
    My business was using their software before later converting to Waveapps.
    If a Square reader works with wave, I am sure that many other 3rd party readers may work just as well.
    Post your experiences. Together we can make Wave better.
    Hopefully, Wave does have an official card reader soon.

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