How to resume transaction imports on our new bank connection update



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    @Just_Lurking My issue has to do with the delay in refresh, not the connectivity itself. Eventually, the transactions show, but they no longer show at the same day that my bank posts them. In the past, when transactions showed as posted (not pending), a manual refresh would immediately bring them into Wave. Now, they just don't show until maybe 2 days or more after the bank posts them.

    Essentially for me, the nail in the coffin for me using Wave was the inability to know or predict when the transactions would show in Wave. Quickbooks gives me a manual refresh button. So in Quickbooks, I see more up to date transactions.

    It's great to see the community try to find solutions. Kudos to you. For me, however, the solution was simple: move on to another platform. Quickbooks is 3x more expensive for me. But it comes with some nice perks. One of which is actually having up to date transactions to process.

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    @Just_Lurking : Yes, the message that you've posted is the one I've received.

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    Very frustrated with this update, getting behind on my accounting as transactions are not importing. No response from customer service. I have used Wave since I opened my business but I'm now looking for a new program as I can't manage my business with software that goes backwards instead of improving.

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    If I were you, I wouldn't import or link bank accounts to Wave as long as there's no 2FA implemented. It's a huge security risk to have a financial node without any basic cybersecurity etiquette in place.

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    Neither Capitol One card account nor Ameris Business Banking accounts connect since the data provider change. Per Capitol One, they are not compatible with Wave since Wave does not meet their system security requirements. On its own, that's v frustrating. But we're also having trouble with Fidelity Bank now that is has become an Ameris Bank. I was able to reestablish connection after the actual Oct 31 merger, but connection is repeatedly lost. Now I've not been able to reconnect since Jan 3. Every time I try, Wave freezes. It does not matter which browser I use. Wave. Completely. Freezes. Up. This is a very tough situation to be in as I already don't have enough time to allocate to bookkeeping. I feel like so much time (money) has been wasted trying to save money by being with Wave.

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    2 of my Banks I could not resume. BMO Harris and CIBC. I need assistance asap with this.
    BMO says connection error..connection not working. CIBC says my card number and password are incorrect even though nothing has changed. Can someone please help??

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    Hi everyone, thank you for reaching out about your Bank Connections and I'm sorry if you've been impacted by this change. As we are unable to troubleshoot each individual issue here, we'd encourage you to reach out to our Support team so we can look at this on a case by case basis.

    If you're unable to locate your bank when searching from the 'Connected Accounts' page then there is no current connection for that bank. Plaid (our new data provider) are constantly working to build and improve connections for various banks. In the meantime we can offer other methods for uploading transactions such as Wave Connect & our CSV uploader.

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    Hi, I use Summit Bank but your connection to them only works for personal accounts, not business accounts. Is there anything that I or you can do on your site to connect to my Summit Bank business accounts?

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    One more thought, y'all:

    To work around Wave's lack of support for every-login MFA, I logged in to my Citi account and created a new "authorized user" that does not have MFA turned on. Authorized users in Citi have limited rights but can do things like retrieve transactions. I used the new authorized user to connect Wave to Citi, and it works. Transactions still take a couple of days to appear, but at least they do appear.

    Security-conscious folks would still probably prefer to have every-login MFA support and on-demand transaction retrieval, though. I would.

    @waveuser2020 said:
    Wave, I have a common use case for your team that I'd ask you please consider.

    Plaid generally supports multi-factor authentication. Whether an MFA token is required once for a device (Wave being the "device" in this case), once for a time period, or once for each login - Plaid generally supports all of these cases.

    That said, your implementation of Plaid does not support the last case above: where an MFA token is required on each login. An example of this is Citi Credit Cards. If you turn on MFA (they call it 2FA, same thing) on your Citi account, it requires an MFA token on each login. In Wave, this means you can set up your Citi account, and transactions will be imported immediately after confirming the MFA token, but no subsequent transactions will be imported, because on next import, a new MFA token will be required. And Wave provides no interface for that.

    This type of MFA is very common. It is not an edge case, and is used by many major institutions.

    The only way to support this is to provide the ability to manually retrieve transactions.

    Now, I realize you do not want OCD users clicking "retrieve" 50 times a day. But you could limit the retrieve to maybe once a day?

    I don't love you guys, but like political candidates, you're the least horrible option out there today. Please add manual refresh back, with every-login MFA support, and stay at the top of the bottom of the pack.

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    @EmmaP Are there any plans to improve the rate at which transactions are imported? That's something that could be addressed to all of us. Logging in to Wave every day hoping that my transactions are there is not a great way to handle my accounting.

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    I followed the instructions to re-connect my accounts, and now all of my transactions are duplicated. I contacted the Wave help more than a week ago, but got zero response. Seems like only bots work here :-(

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    @EmmaP Is support overwhelmed? I have tried reaching out twice to support within the last 7-10 days, and have received no response at all, not even a confirmation of my ticket.
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    Extremely dissatisfied! I had relied on Wave's simplicity, and it's great for invoicing. However, balancing the books & general accounting have been an overall downgrade. Our business bank is no longer supported, I'm worried about it's functionality if it ever does get supported.
    What's keeping me using Wave right now is purely the time we already have invested (thousands of old invoices, countless hours data entry for products & services etc, 5 years of business data).

    If needed, is there a good way to export old invoices & data FROM Wave into an alternate accounting & invoicing program?

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    No updates on any of my 3 connected accounts since the update. Cannot resume Visa Desjardins, or Capitol One Costco, BMO is not updating but the Payroll portion still works of course because I assume it's a revenue generator for Wave. In a nutshell this upgrade is definitely below grade.

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    At the top of this page it says, "Wave has partnered with a new bank data provider to update and improve your transaction import experience." I don't understand that at all. I used to import my transactions automatically from my business chequing account, but since the change, my business chequing account is no longer supported for automatic updates. The same problem seems to have affected many users. How does the lack of support for what appears to be dozens of institutions so that transactions cannot be imported at all "update and improve your transaction import experience". That is nonsensical. No answers from support message sent 4 days ago either. Wave was the best, but it is falling quickly here.

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    I've been using Wave for years, for free, and have never once bought any of their paid services or features. I don't blame them for moving to Plaid from Yodlee if it can help keep the core service free. Maybe we should all turn off caps lock and calm down.

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    I've also been using Wave for years. But it doesn't really benefit us users or Wave if the core services are made useless and we're forced to use something else.

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    @shafnitz currently, the way the integration works is that as soon these transactions have cleared your bank and reached Plaid, they're imported automatically. We don't have any delays with them from Plaid which is why we don't offer an update button. If you haven;'t seen your transactions for a few days, I'd encourage you to submit a ticket to our support team so they can take a further look at this.

    @shafnitz @TheBeekeeper @Just_Lurking it's a busy time of year and support is working hard to get through the volume. We thank you guys for being extra patient with us while we get to everyones support requests.

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    My bank (a regional bank) is supposed to be supported, but apparently is not.

    This was escalated to Plaid a couple of weeks ago. I'm troubled by the fact that I can no longer create support issues in any database with Wave, and that Plaid (like the previous provider) is a complete black hole when it comes to "when might this be fixed?"

    Live support is now gone from the site, and replaced by a support bot, with no option to "contact Wave" - I'm really disappointed with this recent change - and I saw that putting the account summary back on the dashboard was a "hot item" but no forecast about when that might return.

    This is unacceptable. I've "bet my business" on an operating accounting system, and these bank problems and lack of support are causing me to seriously think 2020 may be the year to move away from Wave. That makes me sad, because I've had a good run with you guys for a LONG time now.

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    @mjh said:
    Adding back the banking accounts balance to the Dashboard is next on our priority list.

    Oh yeah? What is the product release cycle? When will this great feature be put back?

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    Even though my bank is listed and was previously connected and working with two-step authentication, when I try to reconnect now, I get an error message: "Account not currently supported Multifactor authentication is not currently supported for this account. Please log in using a different account."
    Please let me know this will be addressed and fixed on Wave's end with Plaid. I'm not changing the level of security on my bank accounts.

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    i am ready to pull my hair out!!!!!! im trying to connect to seacoast business and having a very difficult time. i chatted with wave, they told me to call my bank i did. it is such a shame. why couldnt they keep it simple!!!!

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    having trouble connect/Resume with my Bank Account.
    keep getting "Error...Pleas try connecting a different account." could not be connect at this time..." [RESTART]

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    I like to browse this thread after leaving Wave, out of morbid curiosity.

    I moved on to Quickbooks, canceled my payroll with Wave, and disconnected my non-updating accounts.

    I don't know what connection Quickbooks is using, but it's lightning fast. When I see a transaction in my bank as posted, it's already in Quickbooks.

    And they have a refresh button. AND they show you the last time it auto refreshed. Kind of like Wave did, when Wave was useful.

    I'm telling you guys, pay the extra money and come on over to Quickbooks. Wave just wrote a great Ad for breaking their bank connections and leaving users in the dust.

    No offense, tech support guys. I've been in your shoes, and still am in some capacity. It's not your fault. I'd send you guys flowers, but I spent my extra money on QB.

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    I, like many others apparantly, have had my bank connections stop working. My bbva bank accounts used to work just fine, now it can't connect. Even my american express business cards aren't working ... they haven't uploaded a transaction since 1/24 (a week ago).

    I sent a support ticket in, no help yet after several days.

    I feel like Wave officials owe us an explanation for this. So you switched to a worse data provider without doing your research on how it will affect your customers to save money, at least come on here and admit it, and give us some sort of timeline for when these issues are going to be fixed.

    I understand software issues can cause problems sometime, but the frustrating part is reading responses from AxelL and EmmaP on here giving their vague, corporate speak responses like Plaid is working on adding support "in the near future" and "thanks for your patience" ... get out of here with that nonsense.

    We are small business owners, we don't want to hear your blow off responses like that, we want real timelines and dates for when this issue that affects one of the core components of accounting software will be resolved.
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    I cannot connect to US Community Credit Union because it says my credentials are wrong. I know my user name and password are correct because I am able to log into my bank's website with no problem. Tech support sent me an article on how to manually import my transactions. I don't have time to do that. Why won't my bank connect??? Seriously, please help. I'm already a month behind on my bookkeeping now.

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    Same issues as the other users on this post. Bank transactions have not uploaded to Wave for 12 days now.
    Since the switch, when that happened, I would turn the connection off and on to sort of give it a kick but that simply resulted in duplicate entries going back two months and messed up reconciled accounts; so wont do this again.
    Wave: As a matter of priority, you need to bring back the button. People have been asking for the last month for this, so an announcement on when it will be brought back would be appreciated.

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    What is most amazing is that there is no response or comment from anyone at Wave on the plan for the fixes to appear. Some people rely on this tool. I am speechless as it provides the impression they don't know what to do....

    WOW simply WOW

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