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Buongiorno, sono nuovo in Wave e stò provando a vedere se il vs servizio può fare al mio caso. Io sono Italiano e vorrei stampare le fatture, le ricevute e l'invio mail in italiano, così come è possibile fare per modificare le colonne delle fattture. Non riesco a modificare subtotal e total. Inoltre l'indirizzo del cliente appare come numero civico, strada (io vorrei strada, numero civico) e il cap prima della città. Infine dovete prevedere 2 campi per partita iva e codice fiscale del cliente o della mia società (lo prevede il fisco italiano).
Attendo una risposta e comunque Vi faccio i miei complimenti.


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    Hi @Rossano . I'm afraid we only offer support in English. If you'd like to retype your question in English, I'd be more than happy to help :smile: !

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    Hi! I'm an Italian resident and I have some of the same issues stated above.

    When trying out your service there are a few things that clash with the requirements we have in Italy to fulfill an invoice.

    1) The company information should be as follows:

    • Street name, street number Example: Via Carducci, 7
    • ZIP coded (Codice CAP in Itlay). City name, (Province). Example: Aprilia (LT)
    • We're required to enter both our Tax ID and ITIN (their Italian equivalents are named Partita IVA [P.IVA] and Codice Fiscale[C.F.])

    As an example, my current invoice headers look something like this:

    Suzy M
    Via Carducci, 7
    Aprilia (LT)
    C.F. XXXXXX55X55X555X
    P.IVA 55555555555

    [email protected]

    2) Then at the bottom of the invoice, I'm supposed to add a note about the type of regime I'm currently under as it has different requirements and tax, but the notes section seems to be client-related and the footer doesn't have enough characters to add this info + social media and other data from my business that I'd like to add to my invoices.

    Regime Forfetario
    “Operazione effettuata ai sensi dell’art. 1, commi da 54 a 89 Legge 190/2014”
    "Operazione in franchigia da Iva"
    "Ricavo non soggetto a ritenute d’acconto ex legge 190/2014 art. 1 comma 67"

    3) Also, is it possible to change the layout and add our own imagery, fonts, etc?

    4) And can we send invoices in different languages?

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  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 501 admin

    @suzymora Wave has created an invoicing platform that meets many of the standards for worldwide use, however, there will be inevitably be some requirements that are specific to local jurisdictions that it does not have the functionality to support. It sounds like much of the requirements that you are currently looking for are outside of what the product currently offers but are really great ideas for features for the future specifically increasing the footer character limit to allow for more information that will not fit elsewhere. The memo section would be the overflow space that we would recommend entering any information that doesn't currently fit in other areas of the invoice.

    Some customization of the way your invoices look can be done through navigating to settings > invoice customization, so I'd recommend taking a look there. Alternatively, we do have some downloadable invoice templates that may be helpful: Finally, at the moment, Wave is only created in English and I'm afraid that other languages are not currently supported in Wave.

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