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I was trying to change the language of some items on the invoice. On this post it says that 'Report language can be more easily customized by exporting out of Wave (e.g. into Excel or Google Sheets).'Now, I've exported an Excel file from the 'Data Export' menu under 'Other' but, after I make the change, how do I import them back into Wave?


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    Hi CÌ©sar! I apologize that the language of the article was unclear and have notified the author accordingly. The two concepts you refer to here are essentially unrelated; you can customize your invoice defaults (the editable fields for invoices) through Settings > Invoice Customization. You can also do this on a per-invoice basis.

    The second sentence refers to customization your spreadsheets for your own ease of use (that is, if you'd prefer to view reports in another language, you can edit the exported spreadsheet as needed). This is entirely independent of Wave, and report edits cannot be imported into Wave - these reports are in English only.

    Thank you for posting!

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