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I'd like to put forward the idea of creating a new transaction reporting field. This field would be applicable to all transactional line entries and would appear on reports as a simple filter field. This would allow users to track project costs simply.

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    Hi @Bowen,

    We are currently working on adding fields for Vendors and Customers to transactions. It's not quite ready yet, but it's on the way. This will allow you to keep track of transactions related to a specific client of yours.

    You can also create income and expense categories in your Chart of Accounts for individual projects to better keep track of them.

    Can you tell us a bit more about the kind of business you run and in what specific context this would be useful? How much invoicing do you typically do as part of a single project? Are you looking for a specific kind of field, or just for the ability to apply tags to transactions?

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    Hi Alexia, Please when might these changes take place? Specifically the extra filters for customer reports. Thanks

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    Hi @victorscourt ! Thanks for posting. The filters @Alexia refers to are for the Transactions page and not for reporting. The purpose of this forum is for business owners who use Wave to share ideas and thoughts regarding changes or improvements that could be made in the context of your business goals or how your needs for financial software have changed as your business has grown. While we truly appreciate and value all feedback that is offered, we cannot guarantee that a suggestion will be implemented.

    If you'd like to share more about what kind of reporting would be most useful to you, or especially what kinds of insights you find yourself in need of most often, please do! :)

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  • BowenBowen Member Posts: 7

    I am Builder - Contractor, I quote a lot of Insurance Repair Works, i do as much of the works myself but i do also require sub contractors. I also order all materials required for each project.
    I generally do between 1 invoice per project but if it is a larger project running over multiple months I will invoice a project at each months end. I generally have 5-10 projects running at one time.

    What I would like is to be able to create a list of 'Project Names' which I can then attach to each line transaction. But if this is not possible I'd settle for a blank text field. This field would be required to be filtered on existing reports such as P&L, Balance Sheet, etc. Ultimately I just want to be able to identify income and costs related to a specific activity/project.

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    Hi, @Bowen.

    Thanks for following up with more feedback! I do have a workaround to suggest, but it only works in the new version of Wave, which your account wasn't switched over to yet (it will within 3-6 months).

    For now, using custom accounts from your Chart of Accounts is the best way to keep track of all this information directly in Wave.

  • pybapyba Member Posts: 4

    Hi @Alexia, I am looking for a way to break things down at a project or program level. You mentioned that you have a workaround that works with the new version of Wave. I've just signed up for Wave so I hope that means I find myslef using the new version. Can you provide some detail on that workaround?

  • SamdSamd Member Posts: 552 admin

    Hi @pyba!

    I’ve seen a few Wavers use a workaround for real estate businesses or project management that has been fairly successful. However, it requires making a business profile for each individual Project/Property, which you can do by clicking your business name in the top left and then Create New Business. This can be a less than ideal workaround, and our Teams are looking at improvements we can make to Wave to manage multiple projects within one business profile.

  • pybapyba Member Posts: 4

    @Samd - interesting. Can you point me to a article/help note that will provide some more detail on this approach? TIA!

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