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ricardo_torres21ricardo_torres21 Member Posts: 1

Our business offers software & training solutions for the AEC Industry, so we're using Wave to send estimates and automate the invoicing process. We have a list of around 20 products and counting, and I noticed that there's no way to organize them into folders and categorize them for a quicker selection. So I think that by the time I add more products, it will be very tedious to be looking for the right item one by one.

This feature suggestion will enable us to structure the product catalogue, select faster, and spend less time searching for items.

Thank you,


  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,407 admin

    Hey there @ricardo_torres21

    I appreciate the feature idea. A lot of users have reached out about categorizing and sub-categorizing their products, invoices, customers etc. Unfortunately as you may have already discovered this feature is not available in Wave at this time, but we appreciate you reaching out about it.

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