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Hello, we have a new small LLC. We're wanting to track time of our employees, but we're not doing payroll just yet (we all have other jobs... this is a new venture that no one is currently getting paid for). Is it possible to have the option of keeping a timesheet but not having to use the payroll plan?



  • MikegMikeg Member Posts: 805 ✭✭✭

    I do not believe the payroll module in Wave tracks time. They are not technically employees since they are not on payroll but rather treated as subcontractors. There are several options out there for you to track subcontractors. Excel, look for apps like Hourstracker on the phone or Clockify on the internet.

  • newpathhsnewpathhs Member Posts: 2

    Thanks, Mike. There is a place underneath payroll that's a "timesheet", but it doesn't allow me to see it unless we sign up for a payroll plan (which we don't need). Thanks for the recommendations!

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    I'm sure one of the admin here can give you some insight. I assume that it would be an internet based time clock where employees clock in and out virtually. The data would be there for you to approve before employees get paid.

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    Thanks for attempting to address this, @Mikeg .

    @newpathhs The Timesheets function under Payroll is for adding hours that your employees have worked to subsequently run it through the Payroll software. It's not as in-depth as a legitimate time tracking app, and it does require that the employer add the info, but it could work as one. As you mentioned though, you do have to pay for payroll services to have access to it.

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