Sorting invoices by status

Red_AlfRed_Alf Member Posts: 1

Am I correct in seeing that once an invoice is marked as "overdue," I am unable to sort that invoice by any other status? I'm trying to see which of my overdue invoices have been viewed, but when I sort by "viewed," it shows nothing. Additionally if I try to sort them by "sent" it shows nothing, and when I show "unsent" it also shows nothing. Does their "overdue" status just override any other status for sorting options?

If so, is there another way to check on the "viewed" status of an invoice. Hovering over a particular invoice line in the invoice summary brings up an info box, but regardless of what browser I'm using that seems buggy and only works some of the time..


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,794 admin

    Hi @Red_Alf . The way that invoices statuses work in Wave, is that once they appear as one status, it essentially voids all of the other ones. This means that it can only be a single status at a time.

    In regards to seeing if an invoice actually has been viewed, the only way is the way that you do it now, which is hover over the invoice with your mouse.

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