Invoices Sent with Wave Not Received

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Has anyone else had an issue with their invoices not being received by clients? Last month I sent several invoices using Wave - as normal - and they weren't received. As I have to give them 30 days to pay, I didn't find out until my invoices were overdue and contacted the accounts teams involved. This is pretty critical for a small business like myself - particularly right before Christmas - and if it happens regularly, I may as well go back to using spreadsheets and sending them manually.


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    Hi @tarka33! Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear that some of your invoices were not received by your clients. I understand this is a cause for concern. Is this happening to all of your customers, or just some? Usually if people are not receiving invoices from Wave, it is due to their email provider settings. Some email providers may automatically mark Wave emails as 'spam', or direct to their junk mail. Having your impacted customers add the '' domain to their email whitelist usually helps to resolve this issue!

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