Introducing the Admin role: Greater account permissions for easy collaboration

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image[NEW] Introducing the Admin role: Greater account permissions for easy collaboration

Admins have similar account permissions to the Wave account holder, so you can add trusted individuals to help you manage your business. This role is ideal for your business partner, family member,...

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  • RajeshRajesh Member Posts: 2

    Good update..


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  • RachileeRachilee Member Posts: 1

    We want more access control, so that a admin clerk can't see the reports and total amounts owing

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,941 admin

    Hi @Rachilee , we appreciate your feedback on this. For some more insight, what does your admin clerk do in the business that you'd want them to have access to?

  • legaldivalegaldiva Member Posts: 3

    This did not answer my question. I had an admin removed from my account that was never authorized. I need to talk to support.

  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 515 admin

    Hi @legaldiva and sorry to hear about your admin being removed. While Wave does not have access to your account to remove any users from it, there would be 2 ways that this could happen. The first would be if the account owner or another admin removed them (which sounds like it is not the case) or if the admin removed themselves from the business. Can you confirm that the second option did not happen? The Alternative situation may be that you have created 2 businesses with the same name in error, and added them to one of the businesses and not the other. Because the business names are the same, they could be easily mixed up and could cause the confusion here.

    In either case, if the admin is removed, then the best path forward here would be to give them access again by navigating to Settings > Users.

  • Trevor_ThiessenTrevor_Thiessen Member Posts: 2

    Can we get more access control, like limiting sales people to be able to make invoices without seeing amounts owed?

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi @Trevor_Thiessen! Thanks for reaching out! The ability to further customize the user settings that are currently available is a popular request. At the moment implementing these changes is not on our short term roadmap but hopefully we can look into adding this functionality down the track! Thanks again :)

  • RazakhRazakh Member Posts: 1

    Hi , Thanks for this update.
    There is any option for a user allowed only upload expenses receipt , without editing or deleting permission.

  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 515 admin

    Hey @Razakh as uploading information would mean editing the information within your account, I'm afraid that there is not a specific user permission that would allow for only importing receipts without editing permissions as well.

  • att_adminatt_admin Member Posts: 4

    Hi, I gave admin access to a user and the user joined on wave from the email received from wave but upon login to wave none of the business's financial information is visible to the admin? is there some setup that the admins need to do?? how to sync data between the two profiles?

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,811 admin

    Hey there @att_admin

    I see that you've got two businesses in Wave, one that is incorporated and one that is not. Is it possible that your admin user has selected the incorrect business? Or was it both accounts that they are having trouble viewing.

    Would you also mind trying to delete the user and re-adding to see if something went wrong during the invite? Sometimes a user is experiencing browser issues and may need to clear their cache/cookies or ensure that they're using one of our secure browsers. Looking forward to hearing from you with some more details about the issue :smile:

  • att_adminatt_admin Member Posts: 4

    Thanks. I posted the comment then looked further into the admin profile and realized that the admin user had to select the organization by clicking on that arrow in the side navigation menu, which we were not able to locate earlier :/ . Its working fine!
    But I have another question that I posted regarding the Move to personal under Receipts if you or someone can help me with that, I'd appreciate it.

  • basicleebasiclee Member Posts: 1

    Is there a way to remove myself as the admin in a client's books or would the client have to remove me? (They are no longer my client and I don't want access to their account)

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,229 admin

    Hey @basiclee! Great question. From within your Wave account, you can click your business name in the top left corner of your screen, and then click 'Manage your profile'. From there, you can click 'Businesses', and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you can click the trash icon beside your clients' business to delete your access.

  • JohnstownRotaryJohnstownRotary Member Posts: 2

    I added another user (as an admin) to help me manage my account, however, he is unable to see the uploaded bank information. Should he not be able to see all transactions and make modifications?

  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 17 admin

    Hey @JohnstownRotary ! That's unusual. After taking a look at your business on the back end, it's possible that this new user was not invited as an admin successfully. Also, are you able to view the uploaded bank information on your end? If not, you may need to re-upload the info. Can you confirm if this new user can view any other information related to your business within their account?

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