1 Receipt Multiple Payments

VagaVaga Member Posts: 2

Hi, I know how to split an invoice to multiple payments but I am trying to figure out how to link multiple payments to 1 receipt. I have a to pay a firm fees multiple times but I have 1 receipt. Uploaded the receipt to wave, how to link those bank payments?


  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi @Vaga! Thanks for reaching out. There isn't a way to link the receipt upload to separate transactions. What you can do is either: delete the multiple payment transactions, and keep the receipt imported transaction. Or, you can go to: Purchases -> Receipts -> click on the receipt and then click 'view original receipt'. Clicking this link will open the receipt image in a new tab. Copy & paste the URL and then you can add the link to the 'notes' field of each payment transaction. I know this is not an ideal workflow, but this is an area that our team is looking to improve on!

  • VagaVaga Member Posts: 2

    You are awesome, Thank you Emma. Appreciate the response.

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