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SudeshSudesh Member Posts: 3

When i search something in wave it's saying "No transactions found with your selected filters." But that keyword is in my transaction list. Why it's not showing in search list. Previously i have used this feature correctly. Since few days i got this error. Please someone help me.


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,295 admin

    Hey @Sudesh . Looks like you have a filter on which further limits which transactions show up. Try removing the filter and doing just a search to find the transaction.

  • SudeshSudesh Member Posts: 3

    No Alex, It's not thing happen. I didn't add any filters. But i found something about problem. As example if my transaction name is "Aliexpress Order - 8007243369846137". If i search numbers like "8007243369846137" this it will not show in search results. But if i search text "Aliexpress Order" like this, search results shows it.

    But previously i have search numbers also and it's worked perfectly. Please help me about this.

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 270 admin

    Hi @Sudesh! Thanks for getting back to us! At this stage the search tool will only search for a transaction amount to match if a number is entered here. In the screenshot example you used above, if you enter 'ID 100309' then it should bring up what you need.

  • SudeshSudesh Member Posts: 3

    Hi emma, I get it. But previously i have used only numbers to search something. No need to type text with numbers. I think that feature is greet. It's too easy to find something. If you can bring it back i really appreciate that. Thanks..

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