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SudeshSudesh Member Posts: 3

When i search something in wave it's saying "No transactions found with your selected filters." But that keyword is in my transaction list. Why it's not showing in search list. Previously i have used this feature correctly. Since few days i got this error. Please someone help me.


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,794 admin

    Hey @Sudesh . Looks like you have a filter on which further limits which transactions show up. Try removing the filter and doing just a search to find the transaction.

  • SudeshSudesh Member Posts: 3

    No Alex, It's not thing happen. I didn't add any filters. But i found something about problem. As example if my transaction name is "Aliexpress Order - 8007243369846137". If i search numbers like "8007243369846137" this it will not show in search results. But if i search text "Aliexpress Order" like this, search results shows it.

    But previously i have search numbers also and it's worked perfectly. Please help me about this.

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi @Sudesh! Thanks for getting back to us! At this stage the search tool will only search for a transaction amount to match if a number is entered here. In the screenshot example you used above, if you enter 'ID 100309' then it should bring up what you need.

  • SudeshSudesh Member Posts: 3

    Hi emma, I get it. But previously i have used only numbers to search something. No need to type text with numbers. I think that feature is greet. It's too easy to find something. If you can bring it back i really appreciate that. Thanks..

  • Steve_WilsonSteve_Wilson Member Posts: 2

    Here is what I noticed about the search. If you want to search for a string of numbers in the description the search will return no transactions unless you include the blank space prior to the numbers. When the blank space is included the search works fine (you must cut and paste the blank space not just simply insert with the space bar). Maybe a hidden character precedes a string of numbers in the description?

  • Steve_WilsonSteve_Wilson Member Posts: 2

    Well my previous post was in error. It seems to be working by just inserting a blank space with the space bar then the partial or full string of numbers. I don't think it worked like that yesterday.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,794 admin

    Hey @Steve_Wilson , can you give me an example of a transaction that you'd be searching for where you have to enter in the space before the numbers?

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