Uploading bank transactions still not working.

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You outlined that this had been solved but unfortunately it's exactly the same as it was 3 days ago. I can't use bank link either..

Having really trouble uploading a bank statement!

I select my appropriate file, select the correct account and hit upload.
After a few seconds, I get: "Oops! Something isn't right. Please correct what's highlighted below." followed by "Please select a bank statement file.".

I have tried OFX, CSV and QFX all with the same results!

I can't even connect my account directly as when I enter my bank login details and hit "Connect" nothing happens. No error messages. Nothing. i have tried on multiple devices with the same results.


  • huztlarhuztlar Member Posts: 7

    Is anyone likely to respond to this..? Across this thread and others the support has been very poor. I'm new here having moved from quickbooks self employed as this looked great - I want to like this service but it's becoming a headache.

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    Hi @huztlar. I followed up with you on the other thread. Let's keep our troubleshooting to one thread.

    As for the quality of the support you've received, I apologize for your frustration. The community forum is still a new platform and we're learning how to best use it, too. It isn't meant to just be a platform for a few Wave employees to offer tech support, but to be a place for Wave users to connect, help each other and talk about their businesses.

    I do want to help you get to the end of this transaction upload issue, both because I want your accounting to work and because if this happens with another user, I want to be able to help them better and faster.

  • huztlarhuztlar Member Posts: 7

    Hi @Alexia. I’m a little confused “It isn't meant to just be a platform for a few Wave employees to offer tech support” - how else does one requests tech support on your product? Have I submitted this issue to the wrong section of the website? I failed to see a support form

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    Hi @huztlar! Apologies for the confusion. You can find the support channels that are available to you by visiting the homepage of our Help Center or by clicking the Help button in the left navigation in Wave. What @Alexia means is that the Community is a (newly launched!) great avenue for support questions because we can benefit from the knowledge and experience of other business owners who utilize this space as well as members of the Wave Team. As the Community is still in a growth stage, sometimes it'll take some time for a post to get visibility, and it's our duty as your team of administrators and moderators to step in and offer support. This is especially true when the issue might be related to a bug that internal teams at Wave are working on.

    Regarding your question above - the CSV upload failure issue that was addressed in another thread is resolved. That said, the uploader can still be a little finicky. For transaction uploads, Wave can read CSVs with either three or four columns: date, description, and amount or date, description, deposit, and withdrawal. If your sheet includes other columns (especially a column for account balance) you'll likely need to remove these in order to proceed.

    If your spreadsheet already meets these specifications, the issue could be with encoding. This sometimes happens when you manage CSV files in Excel. To resolve this, copying your sheet into a Google Sheets doc and redownloading it as a CSV should be sufficient.

    If you've tried all of this and you're still unable to upload to Wave we'll need to do a little more digging. Can you try opening the console and taking a screenshot when the upload fails?

    Regarding the bank connection: this functionality works separately from transaction upload. Wave works with a third party data provider in order to facilitate a connection with thousands of banks worldwide, however, not all types of accounts at all banks are supported. If you'd like to provide the account type and bank name, we can take a look to see if you're indeed unable to connect it. As a general rule, though, I typically recommend transaction upload over the bank connection for regularly active users. It allows for more control and specificity. Either way, we'll certainly continue to work with you until we can get this upload issue resolved.

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