Why "Invoices payable to you" relies on the invoice date?

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I was going to report this as a bug in the system but then I found this same report from 2018 which talks about the same exact issue and the answer explains what's going on.

Basically, I have an invoice dated in the future and it does not appear in the "Invoices payable to you" section of the dashboard. After reading the mentioned post, now I understand that is this intentional (as explained there - the invoice does not exist yet). But my argument is that the date of the invoice should not matter. Only the payment date should be the criterion whether the invoice is included in the calculation of the "Invoices payable to you" or not.

I know it takes extra coding on your side to exclude the future invoices and this extra code will cost you money to execute. Considering the fact that I see no point in implementing the exclusion of the future invoices, and the extra cost you are paying to execute it, it makes me wonder why it is implemented in the first place.

It's my personal opinion that both sides are better off with only using the payment date to select the invoices for the "Invoices payable to you".



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    Hey @Mehran . I appreciate you digging into the community and finding a past thread with this context. This is in fact the way that the system works, and I don't think this is something that the team will be working on changing in the near future.

    Can you give me some more context as to why you'd like to see it included in this specific way and how it affects your business? Also, what's the reasoning for having invoices dated in the future? All of this info will give us more context on how you run your business and why this feature is worth implementing in the future.

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    Hi Alex,

    Please find the answers to your questions below.

    Q: Why your invoices are dated in the future?
    A: I'm a contractor software engineer and I don't get to date my invoices. They are dated and handed to me by my employer. If my employer decides to date an invoice of mine in the future, I have no say in it.

    Q: How does this affect you?
    A: The answer to this question relates to "how much a user depends on the 'Invoices payable to you'". I really don't depend on it much. So its effect on me is minimum. And to be fair, that part of your software is the only place where is having this problem. If I go to the Invoices page, the top of the page shows the "Due within next 30 days" as I wanted. In order words, this is an inconsistency in your software.

    To give you the context, the fact is, I don't really use any of these functionalities. Some people might do, but not me. Even if you remove them, I won't mind. It's just that I've been using your product for a few years now - for free. And I wanted to help you improve it. I know it doesn't seem like much but this is the best I can do. Also, it was some level of curiosity to understand why someone would think putting that condition there is actually needed (whoever has done the requirement analysis for it has made a mistake - in my opinion).


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    Hey @Mehran! Firstly, thank you so much for providing such detailed feedback for us! It is really helpful for our teams to have this kind of insight when looking into features. It sounds like what you are referring to could be due to the Wave is set up for accounting. Wave uses an accrual based accounting method. This Accounting method records revenues and expenses when they are incurred (the creation date), regardless of when cash is exchanged. We appreciate that you are helping us to improve Wave for everyone!

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