Split receipts into 2+ categories?

seakayseakay Member Posts: 9

Is there a way to split a receipt into 2 or more categories? ie if I'm at Target buying clothes, groceries, pet food, dvds, and gifts, all on one receipt, is there a way to separate the various categories on the receipt?



  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 874 admin

    Hey @seakay

    When entering your receipt you'll only be able to enter in one category. However, once posted you should be able to find the expense transaction in your transactions page and split the withdrawal retroactively! See my image below:

  • AccountsProAccountsPro Member Posts: 51

    I have a similar issue. One till slip could be paying for several payment expense categories. Most of my clients do the same, shop for multiple things at one store.

    I'd like to suggest a feature for us to choose to split / add more category and amount allocated to that category when updating receipts.

    Otherwise, I may as well just to do ledger journal entries for each one, which is sad because the app is awesome other than the lack of splitting categories and amounts spent.

    Not sure if I am in the right place to make features suggestions though, please let me know if there is a specific forum topic for new features. Thanks!

  • AccountsProAccountsPro Member Posts: 51

    Ok I found the place to suggest features under Account Feature Suggestions, I will go place the request there. Thanks.

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 730 admin

    Hey @AccountsPro! I've just answered your request in that other thread, please feel free to respond to me there if I can help further.

  • AccountsProAccountsPro Member Posts: 51

    @ConnorM Thanks very much, will go check.

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