ANZ New Zealand not importing Transactions

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I have had no new Transactions pulled in since the 23 February, the balance is correct to the banks, I have done the hard refresh, edited bank credentials and even deleted the bank connection which resulted in having Duplicate transactions which I have just finished sorting out again, is this going to be an ongoing issue or am I going to be forced to look elsewhere for a program that will work when I need it to work...any suggestions? Thanks Linda

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    Hi Lindaa, I feel your frustration. I'm also facing the same issue with my bank (Maybank2U). My transactions were also last updated 3 weeks ago. Thinking of uploading my statements, but worry it'll duplicate when it starts running again. Anyone else facing the same problem?

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi @Lindaa and @likimz.

    Have you checked the stickied post in the Bank Connections category? Here's a link to it. It explains a few of the reasons this can happen as well as present some troubleshooting steps.

    If you go through that and your connection still isn't working, give me the full name of you bank and the URL of the page you use to login to your online banking account. I'll be able to use that to dig a little further.

  • LindaaLindaa Member Posts: 13

    Hi alexia, yes I have read all that, I have had the odd transaction come through and the last one was the 6 March, it takes ages for it to connect, my bank is ANZ Personal and the link to it that I use when I log into the bank website and I never have any issues using it there, it is

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  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi @Lindaa, the problem wouldn't be with your bank's website exactly, but with how our third-party bank data provider connects to your bank. Banks occasionally block third-parties from accessing data altogether, or sometimes, they'll change something on the backend of their website which will stop the connection from working.

    Yodlee, our data provider, is always working to fix these issues in priority order, but given that they connect to over 10,000 banks world-wide, they can't always fix issues instantly. They'll notice errors in our users connections and will fix them as soon as they can.

    Until this bank connection is reliable enough to suit your needs, you might prefer uploading your bank statements manually, following the instructions found here.

  • VBANZVBANZ Member Posts: 1

    I wonder if this has been resolved, as I too am unable to connect to ANZ NZ bank a/c.
    It was working fine late 2018 prior to the Wave software upgrade.
    I rang ANZ and they say they no longer support WaveApps.
    I cannot even manually import the transactions into Wave which seems odd, and leaves me stuck with manual data entry.

  • LindaaLindaa Member Posts: 13

    mine is still working but I am looking at other accounting software as recently when we went to get a pre approval loan for buying a house they wouldn't accept the reports from Wave and would only use what I had from my accountant

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    @VBANZ it's one thing if your bank no longer allows for a connection to data aggregators like the one we use for the bank connection feature, simply because that's their choice to not support third party apps. However, if you're having issues uploading a bank statement, I recommend checking this thread to see if it describes what you're experiencing!

  • SusanfromNZSusanfromNZ Member Posts: 7

    I'm having issues with ANZ personal too on one of my waveapp accounts. It seems to have disconnected and won't reconnect. Yet on another waveapp account a different ANZ personal account does connect. I'm going mad trying to reconnect.

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    Hey @SusanfromNZ, my apologies about that. I took a look at connection statuses on our end and ANZ appears to be functioning with a minimum of errors, but can you let me know what you're seeing when you attempt to reconnect ANZ personal? On our end it looks like the two connections that failed have been deleted, but I should be able to get more insight if you try reconnecting again, or let me know what error it's giving you when you try to connect.

  • SusanfromNZSusanfromNZ Member Posts: 7

    Hi Samd,
    The account with the issue is ********* The message is "unable to connect please try again".

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  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,122 admin

    Hi @SusanfromNZ. I have sent a manually ping on my end to our data provider -- you should start to see things working as expected by then, if not, please let us know so we can do some further investigating with our data provider. I just thought I would clarify though -- do you notice that transactions are no longer importing correctly?

  • SusanfromNZSusanfromNZ Member Posts: 7

    Hi Jamie,
    The bank had totally dsconnected so I've been trying to reconnect. I did try to manually import the bank files as a CSV but had an issue with that too.


  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 461 admin

    @SusanfromNZ what type of issues did you have with the CSV upload? I only ask because there's a known local issue with NZ ISPs and how they're handling this upload. If you can, try connecting to a VPN before attempting to upload the CSV file and see if that helps!

  • SusanfromNZSusanfromNZ Member Posts: 7

    With the CSV upload I get the message "Something went wrong with your file upload. Try confirming the file type is an accepted file type".
    However I found "Wave Connect" last night and managed to upload my transactions. The only thing to be aware of is that you need to convert the date to American format to import the transactions. I do however still want to connect my ANZ bank and it's not happening.

  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 389 admin

    Hey @SusanfromNZ! Great to hear that you're getting use of of one of our newer features, Wave Connect! :smile:

    In regards to your bank, I'm sorry that it is still not connecting. It does look like our data provider is still working on the connection to ANZ Bank and I'm afraid there is currently no ETA on a fix. I would advise for the time being to continue using Wave Connect until the connection is re-established, which hopefully is very soon!

  • LindaaLindaa Member Posts: 13

    @SusanfromNZ, are you in NZ or oversea's, I wonder if you need to add the extension Hola VPN (it is free) and have it set to New Zealand so it looks like your connecting from New Zealand and not overseas. I have to do this with a couple of sites I belong to with subscriptions

  • Jamie_ScottJamie_Scott Member Posts: 5

    @SusanfromNZ @Lindaa DId either of you have any resolution with connecting to ANZ Personal in NZ? Mine dropped out a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to establish a new connection. I just keep getting the message "unable to connect, please try again."

  • Jamie_ScottJamie_Scott Member Posts: 5

    UPDATE: This is the message from ANZ New Zealand re: supporting Wave:

    I am sorry that you are having this trouble! I have taken a look and had
    a chat to our team around this and it seems that the only account
    software that our bank connect with is as follows:

    • Xero
    • MYOB and
    • CashManager Rural

    This is due to the different security in place that the above providers
    offer. We have recently made the changes and I am sorry we will need to
    ask that you look to changing your account software if you wish to have
    your accounts mainly at ANZ.

    I have placed the feedback around taking a further look into adding WAVE
    as a verified provider once more. We do not often hear back until our
    team intend on making this change so we will notify you when this is
    made available.

    So ANZ NZ is no longer supporting Wave. Which means I can no longer support Wave - especially given their system hates CSV uploads. It is just no longer worth the time or hassle. Being free is no good if it doesn't work.

  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 389 admin

    Hey @Jamie_Scott, thank you for the update here, for us on the Wave Team and the users who are waiting for an update on this. Our bank connections are drawn fully by our third party data provider which makes it difficult for us here to determine which connections we have access to and do not have access to.

    In regards to your CSV upload, I would be happy to look into this for you too! Please feel free to send me a DM and with your business info and the issues you are having and we can troubleshot together! :smile:

  • LindaaLindaa Member Posts: 13

    as I mentioned previously ANZ won't accept Wave's accounting for home loans so not worth me having Wave anymore so doing it myself

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