Roadmap Update?

nigelwheelernigelwheeler Member Posts: 20


I can see and appreciate that work has been progressing over 2019, which is great!

Are you in a position to update the Roadmap, last updated in April '19?

I've not had a chance to work through an add transaction mutation (an example could be useful?) scheduled for Q3 '19, but everything seems to be roughly on track?

It would be good if you could now clarify how you will prioritise upcoming work, and whether the schedule can be firmed up any more than "likely will mainly be delivered during the first half of 2020".

Many Thanks


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,733 admin

    Hey @nigelwheeler . I've reached out to our API team and they've let me know that they'll be updating it in the near future. Thanks for the nudge :)

  • nigelwheelernigelwheeler Member Posts: 20

    @AlexL thanks for the response, look forward to the update.
    Could you consider commenting here when that's done, or perhaps creating a thread that myself and others could subscribe to where updates to the roadmap (and/or the API itself) can be tracked, so I can get a notification when it happens?

  • pcfreak30pcfreak30 Member Posts: 1

    I would appreciate getting notified as well.

  • nigelwheelernigelwheeler Member Posts: 20

    Hey @AlexL - Happy New Year to you. Now it's 2020, it's definitely the near future, if not the proper future with hovercars and stuff that we all imagined, so here's another nudge for you to pass on to the API team.
    Best wishes for the year ahead!

  • lmast3lmast3 Member Posts: 1

    Looking forward to seeing this update!

  • ngunyimachariangunyimacharia Member Posts: 2

    Any update on this? Particularly looking forward to the invoice payments completion on the GraphQl API

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,085 admin

    Hey all! Thanks for reaching out here. Just commenting to let you know that we've flagged this discussion for our API/development teams to take a look into, and they've acknowledged the need for a response. Thanks for your patience in hearing back from us, and I'm hoping they're able to give you a hand soon!

  • teresacteresac Member Posts: 6

    I get your roadmap is probably significantly changing based on what 2020 continues to throw at you. Is there a place where we can upvote or downvote a list of ideas or maybe a survey/poll that we could take at some point to allow you the additional feedback of our priority on your items. Then you could consider that as you make future enhancements?

    It's great that you respond to the community. Mave is also useful at times.

  • GCVGCV Member Posts: 2

    I take it that the API project is dead if we can't get any information from the "API/development teams" in 7 months. :(

  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 488 admin

    @teresac While we don't currently have a list that works in that you suggested, the many feature ideas that are in the Community are areas that our Product Team considers in part when they are creating new features. In saying that, COVID is a really good example of why we don't have that published at the moment, simply because our priorities do change in those scenarios and we have seen many features move up in priority or be removed dependent on external factors.

    @GCV Wave has launched our API publicly not too long ago. You can read more about it on our Partner Page and sign up directly on our developer page. You can find helpful articles, reach out to our API team or other developers using Wave’s APIs, as well as the ticket submission form for developers directly on our Developer Portal here:

  • GCVGCV Member Posts: 2

    Thanks and I know all this, but you seem to be missing the point here. The question is that the features provided by the API are very limited and the roadmap hasn't been updated in 14 months. Before investing time and money in an integration with your product, we need to have a warm and fuzzy feeling about the API project and the way it is moving forward. Right now, it clearly is not moving forward since, again, the roadmap hasn't been updated in 14 months and nobody even thought worth of his time answering this question posted 7 months ago.
    Too bad.

    edited June 18, 2020
  • JPessolaniJPessolani Member Posts: 3

    Hey guys, I've read 'this is not in our roadmap' a hundred times already. When will we see a clear roadmap as to not bother you with stuff that's not planned. Is the roadmap in the roadmap yet?

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