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So I have a biz Amex Blue card that I use to purchase items for the company. When the bill is due I use the company checking account. And that is simple enough. My question is when I create a Bill for a book that I bought and used the Amex card to pay for that item. How do I record the Bill paid? If I use my checking account it will show as a double charge. I'm looking to keep track of my bills but not show it "double pay". Thanks!!


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    Hey @ursoproperty . There's no need to use the Bill feature to record your credit card bills. The best way to handle this would be to transfer money from your checking account (assuming this is where the money comes from when you pay it off) to your credit card account. To do this, follow the steps listed in the article below:

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    Hi Alex, first and foremost, thanks for taking the time out to answer. Perhaps I wasn't making myself clear. I do pay the credit card bills with the checking account and Waveapps registers those transactions. I do NOT create a Bill for this transaction. But what would I do in this scenario?

    A plumber comes to fix a leak and I pay him $500 with my credit card. At the end of the month the CC get's paid with the checking account. But I am looking to create something the will remind me for tax season that in July the $500 was for the plumber who fixed the leak @ 123 Main St Apt. 101.

    Thanks again!!

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