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My business provides creative and marketing services and often times I'm creating estimates that include those details. As of right now, I only have the option to put my project summaries and overviews in the "Memo" area, or sending my client a separate document (I choose to include it in my estimates). When the estimate is output the "Memo" then becomes "Notes," and the formatting of additional details I add looks okay if it is viewed through the weblink. But when the estimate is exported to PDF, it loses some of its formatting, in particular, line spacing, which causes important and separate details to appear to close to each other. The "Memo" box is also awkwardly small making it hard to work in. This process 'gets the job done' if you will, but it feels like there could be a better way.

It would be nice if there was a better way of putting these kinds of details in my estimates through some kind of Rich Text Formatting feature, similar to crafting this post.


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    @zanezibar Thanks for taking the time to articulate this challenge. When you think about building these estimate "packages" for your customers, what kinds of separate documents do you usually need to include? We agree that the "Memo" field is an insufficient substitute for your needs.

    For example, is it as much about the estimate being well formatted (Rich Text Formatting), or the ability to attach a cover letter (be it PDF, Word, or Google Doc)? Or perhaps the ability to create a cover letter in Wave? Are there other types of inclusions necessary, like spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheet), digital graphics, etc.?

    Better understanding how your business needs to navigate this part of your sales cycle with ease would really help us serve you holistically.

    Also, we agree that our PDF export on estimates can stand to be improved, as our functionality on Invoices is better.

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