Missing transaction

KevKev Member Posts: 1

I noticed that a transaction is missing in Wave that is clearly in my Bank statement. I put the statement and the account in Wave side by side on my computer screen and the transactions match except for one which is missing in Wave. All filters are off so it is not being excluded from view, and it has not been deleted.

Any experience with this sort of problem? Any recommendations? I am very concerned that other transactions may not be present.


  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,229 admin

    Hey @Kev! Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, depending on your bank, and the status of the bank connection between our third party data aggregator and that particular financial institution, missed transactions can happen. The best bet is staying vigilant, and keeping up to date with reconciliation within your account!

  • CaraCara Member Posts: 4

    I'm having this problem too. I've disconnected and reconnected my account 4 times and there is still a whole week of transactions missing. Do I have to enter them manually?

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