Changes to bank connection availability outside of the US and Canada



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    I'd like to add, people are saying they would be happy to pay to continue to use this feature. I would too. But something else to consider would be to keep it live as an option and just discontinue support for it instead of taking it away completely.

  • noosalucynoosalucy Member Posts: 2

    This is the number 1 reason that I use Wave and its loss means that Wave NO LONGER SERVES A PURPOSE.
    I am currently looking for options to move away from Wave immediately due to the loss of this feature. Wave's casual reporting of this issue like it isn't a big deal is also not good enough.

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    What a load of wankers you are.
    I have switched my customers to your platform as the preferred acounting system over the past few years.
    First, you have screwed up all of my inter company transactions with your phoney migration journals. I agree the old way was technically incorrect but your solution is BS and makes reconciliation impossible.
    Now you take away the one pivotal feature of your platform vthat makes it worth recommending. Your competitors provide this feature as standard and the cost of downloading and importing bank data paying myself as an accountant will far outwiegh the cost of paying for even the dearer of your competitors who also provide direct and local backup and support. you will see my companies and all of my clients migrating very soon unless there is a retraction of this stupid and arrogant decision.

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  • BookingsBookings Member Posts: 1

    Disgraceful and now a reason why I'll be migrating elsewhere. Mass exodus.

  • BillyBilly Member Posts: 28

    @Kirk Given the overwhelming feedback below, particularly from your large Australian / NZ customer base, could we get an updated response from Wave?

  • TP_2019TP_2019 Member Posts: 1

    That's a real shame, it is such a useful tool. There is no way I will be manually uploading statements, that is book keeping time I do not have.

  • Jonathan van RensburgJonathan van Rensburg Member Posts: 5

    I am very upset about this, this is the main reason for using wave :( my accounts always up to date. This is now the proof that people should never use free stuff its to good to be true.

  • LP_1964LP_1964 Member Posts: 1

    Although our particular bank has been in limbo with you since September 7, the finality of no longer being able to directly download any bank transactions has certainly decreased the value of your programme as it definitely adds to the workload during the month, monthly statements not being sufficient to keep on top of things. As I have been in pretty well constant contact with your company over the "non-connectability" of our bank and, as this decision by your company is almost certainly not one just created and made in the last fortnight, a heads-up would have been appreciated.
    Although your programme is free, one should be able to expect constancy in the features in that programme.

  • stranahplstranahpl Member Posts: 1

    It was the main reason I migrated to Wave, will have to look for other options.....very disappointed with wave decision

  • mikeboumikebou Member Posts: 3

    WAVE staff, you are a bunch of half brained morons.
    None of the import options work for a Bankwest download. I only have the choice of a qif or csv file. This means I cannot import even manually. So I will have to create each transaction one by one to counter the stupidly un-editable Payment by WAVE transaction.
    You all should be called Richard Cranium..
    On to find another product.

  • 83_design83_design Member Posts: 1

    Will have to look at other invoicing and book keeping options now and migrating away from Wave asap. Very disappointed with this decision. This was the main reason I made use of Wave. I suspect you'll be losing many clients.

  • adamloveadamlove Member Posts: 1

    So you led me along since February, promising that you'd upgrade me to the new system where I can bulk-edit transactions, and now 2 days after it's finally implemented you're pulling the plug altogether? Horrible, horrible company that has wasted months of my time.

  • MarkdeMarkde Member Posts: 5

    Very unhappy about this. I am going to have to migrate myself and all my clients because this basic feature is gone. I hope you know what you are doing Wave.

  • ChalmersbtChalmersbt Member Posts: 3

    I am a South African customer and have no issues thus far with the connection to my financial institution.

    Wave should reconsider this and take the below comments seriously. I am considering the move to another accounting platform - I have also wasted weeks of time after integrating the bank connection to the way I was using Wave - I finally had my accounts in order and now this, I am sure that you can appreciate how much more time it will take each of you users to migrate to another system while trying to run their own businesses, very poor management - the decision should have been considered prior to allowing the connections in all regions.

    Having said that I would also agree with a nominal fee to continue using the feature - it is worth it.


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    As an Indonesian who had been using Wave for years, Bank connection for Bank in Indonesia arrived in 2018, now I have to go back to the old days - manual import transaction, which this is not nice either. Dear WAVE please consider it again.
    Well its free software, and there's no such a thing called free lunch.

  • aussievolunteersaussievolunteers Member Posts: 1

    As a volunteer we used this free package for a non-profit organisation and it has meant more time for the members of our organisation and less time for our volunteers doing bookkeeping. If we wanted manual transaction imports for our simple cash books we would use a spreadsheet but that takes many more volunteer hours. Very disappointing, the impact on our Australian volunteers and non-profit groups will be tremendous, not to mention the unprofessional nature of this announcement with little time for preparation at the busiest time of year for families and their businesses.

  • FastoreFastore Member Posts: 4

    After telling so many people about how good we thought Wave was, this will force us to move to another platform.
    Please, please , please consider at least establishing a fee option for those who need this functionality restored?

  • QuokkaQuokka Member Posts: 1

    very disappointing

  • D_Watts_2356D_Watts_2356 Member Posts: 4

    Truly disappointing. We are now starting to see the ugly face of an acquisition. Thanks H&R Block. Shareholders don't like not making money so now we aren't even offered the chance to pay for the bank connections. Great. Four years invested in Wave and now we will need to look at migrating to another software. Again, super disappointing......but sadly not surprised.

  • ThomasThomas Member Posts: 2

    Very disappointing, this is one of the most useful features.

  • Telman3058Telman3058 Member Posts: 1

    What a short sighted decision, new owners come in thinking they know everything and make stupid decision like this. You are now being removed from my recommended software stack to my clients and any future clients. :>(

  • DuschkaDuschka Member Posts: 4

    Hi Erik, I am a relative newcomer to WAVE and am still trying to find my way. One of my problems - as a user in South Africa is that my bank is not supported by your system. Neither can I access the option to enter my bank's name so that it, maybe, gets added to your supported banks ! The bank's name is: Bidvest Bank Limited, Reg. No. 2000/006478/06,, Email: [email protected] . The programme without the banking facility is not good enough ! I do not necessarily have to access my account from within WAVE or download statements directly ……., although, if possible, would be better. Please assist with a constructive solution !!! THANKS A MILL ….

  • DeryckDeryck Member Posts: 1

    Pity.... I don't want to go into my bank account, download some statements and then import into Wave. It makes no sense. As it was, I could let a third party do my bookkeeping without having that person having access to my bank account.
    It seems I will have to look for a different package to do my bookkeeping... Pity, I liked Wave

  • erickerick Member Posts: 1

    Wave DOWNGRADE :(
    The worst thing Wave has done. Very disappointing and will make accounting much more difficult. It makes NO SENSE to do this.

  • PrincePrince Member Posts: 1

    After the acquisition you said nothing will change and promised that everything will stay the same, A few months later you are discontinuing the integral part of the software. It would have been better if you had said Wave is now only available in Canada and US than to inflict us with this BIG thorn in the flesh. Please reconsider your decision. We are not happy at all or please bring back the initial Shareholders and founders. FIX your policy.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    @Asilva Bank imports will still be available in US territories moving forward.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    @jweimer Security and regulatory reasons did not drive this decision.

  • GuyGuy Member Posts: 3

    Well off to find a new accounting software

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