Issues with estimates, invoice logos and downloading invoice PDFs.

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Hi everyone! We’ve been receiving reports from users in South Africa that they’re experiencing issues downloading invoices to PDF format, loading their logo on their invoices and accessing the estimates page.

It's important to note that this is related to a problem our vendor was having and not something that Wave can control. With that in mind we wanted to try to give you some more insight into why this is happening, and a few suggestions for what you can try to solve it. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their servers to power and host our site. AWS had a localized denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on their DNS ( on Tuesday that seems to be causing the issue described in this discussion. AWS has restored its operations to their full function after their servers were temporarily shut down by the attack but the issue still lingers for a number of our users.

To read more about the DDoS attack please see this article

The reason these issues are persisting is that local Internet Server Providers’ (ISP) DNS servers are using cached versions of pages. ISPs regularly clear out their cache, so this issue should not be permanent.

Things you can do:

We’d recommend following the proceeding steps to troubleshoot the network connection:

  1. If you're using a VPN, please disable it.
  2. Please power-cycle your modem and/or router. A great article that walks you through how to do this and why it’s helpful is available here.
  3. Try connecting to a different network. The fastest way to do this is usually to tether to your mobile device.
  4. Disable your antivirus software, or add to your antivirus whitelist

If this does not work, we have been informed by AWS that users can reach out to their ISPs to request clearing of their DNS caches. You should be able to send an email to your ISP’s customer support requesting the clearing of their DNS caches - please feel free to cite this post to them as the reason for your request which should make it easier for you than re-explaining the issue!

Reaching out to your ISP is highly recommended in order to request help on this matter. If the above steps have not helped, an alternate fix would be to manually change your DNS server. We recommend switching to the public DNS operated by CloudFlare (the security infrastructure platform used by Wave). The link below includes full instructions on how to change your DNS on all mobile and desktop operating systems:

While this process and these pages may be initially quite intimidating, there are sections of this documentation that should pertain to each operating system or device that you may be using.

Thank you. We know this incident has been frustrating and hope that the information we've outlined above will help

P.S. We’ve moved all previous posts about this issue into this thread to keep the information and solution as localized and accessible as possible.



  • debdaisydebdaisy Member Posts: 0

    I have been using Wave with no problems for a year until today.
    All downloads of invoices as pdfs have failed. I have tried multiple times and multiple invoices.
    And all invoices that used to show my logo no longer show my logo and the upload logo function is not saving the logo.
    Please help!!

  • Tim_AtkinsonTim_Atkinson Member Posts: 7

    Today I have not been able to download pdf for estimates or invoices - comes to error page. so the help page suggested to reload my logo.

    So i removed the old and now I cant load the new one!!!!

    I add the file name but when I save it comes back nothing selected.

    I now cant open for estimates summary page - it just stops with the headings?????

    This is an urgent problem please

  • RuthRuth Member Posts: 4

    Since oct 22nd I have been experiencing problems with invoice exports to pdf. Looks like a data center connectivity problem to Amazon data center. It is really a big issue not being able to send an invoice at the moment I need to.

  • JamesGJamesG Member Posts: 0

    Good day

    I'm unable to export any reports to PDF. I receive a "Site cannot be reached" error. Exporting to CSV works fine. Steps take to reproduce:
    1. View any report
    2. Export -> PDF
    3. The page will be redirected to the screenshot provided below

  • MikeatparkMikeatpark Member Posts: 2

    Uploaded the logo in jpeg with150x150 pixels but still cannot see it. The upload box comes up as an error. What is the reason I cannot see it.

  • T_Holmes1T_Holmes1 Member Posts: 2

    As this morning when I try to create or view the estimates tab nothing loads, no error message its just blank. I'm using Firefox and everything has been perfect up until this point.

    Please help...

    edited October 24, 2019
  • therontheron Member Posts: 1

    I have uploaded and used my logo for quite a while and suddenly today it's not there. I have tried to signout and signin and retry to upload but it does not seem to upload successfully (same file as used before)

    I must add that this is the case now with all of my company profiles.....

    edited October 24, 2019
  • DFmediaDFmedia Member Posts: 2

    Good Morning,

    Your estimates section seems to be down since yesterday, we cannot access the estimates page at all nor can we create an estimate. It leaves no error just a blank page. A speedy solution to this would be highly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  • hubbahubba Member Posts: 1

    I'm also having the same issue as of yesterday. The logo doesn't load on the invoices viewed online, although it does appear on the attached PDFs.

  • EyethuBrands_321EyethuBrands_321 Member Posts: 1

    I have tried removing the logo and download without still doesnt download,
    please assist.

  • ElectraMaxElectraMax Member Posts: 0

    Hi, Can someone please help me. For some reason when I try to export to pdf I get "This site can’t be reached" error and can't get the pdf. Please help. I have restarted the wave many times, rebooted computer and reset internet.

  • ElectraMaxElectraMax Member Posts: 0

    Hi, Can someone please help me. For some reason when I try to export to pdf I get "This site can’t be reached" error and can't get the pdf. Please help. I have restarted the wave many times, rebooted computer and reset internet.

  • MistyMMistyM Member Posts: 2

    hi, I also have difficulties: the logo disappeared today and I just cannot upload it again. No error messages, just a question mark in the logo area. It is a small jpg file.

  • T_Holmes1T_Holmes1 Member Posts: 2

    Hi All the other functions on my wave account are working perfectly but my estimates page wont load, I cannot create or view any of my estimates (the list doesnt even display, please assist urgently.


  • ChrissChriss Member Posts: 1
    Hello folks, hope you are all doing great. Since yesterday, i'm unable to create estimate only invoices nor am I able to download any invoice.
    Am I the only one having this issue?

    I wonder how I can troubleshoot it.
    Your help will be much appreciated
  • TammyNortier_1TammyNortier_1 Member Posts: 1

    I am having the exact same problem. Have you had any luck yet @Chriss in getting this to work? I tried again this morning and still getting same problem.

  • WadeWade Member Posts: 1

    Hi there, did you manage to fix this problem? Im having the exact same issue.

  • KK_MotaungKK_Motaung Member Posts: 1

    Hi. I've got the same issue happening on my end. Has anybody found a reason or solution yet?

  • hushbeatzhushbeatz Member Posts: 3

    Hi, can someone please let us know what's going on. Unable to even see any estimates whatsoever, let alone create a new one. Urgent please!

  • hushbeatzhushbeatz Member Posts: 3

    Also having the same problem, unable to view and/or create estimates. Please advise if a solution has been found.

  • MikeatparkMikeatpark Member Posts: 2

    I have successfully uploaded my logo by uploading the file then press save at the bottom of the screen. Hope this helps and make sure the file is jpeg and no larger than 150 x 150 pixels.

  • swimavaswimava Member Posts: 0

    Hi all
    Please assist. At the moment I can't create cost estimates nor can I create statements. Is it just me experiencing this? #SENDHELP

  • pravda23pravda23 Member Posts: 5

    There seems to be a problem with Amazon Web Services hosting at the moment. Invoice images are broken and you're unable to download PDF versions.

    The workaround is to send the invoice to yourself (or a second email address) and attach the invoice as a PDF. From your email inbox you can download it, but without the header image.

    For creating invoices/estimates, try duplicating a previous one and changing all the details.

  • SimzSimz Member Posts: 1

    I can imagine how many businesses, have been costly affected today?

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,175 admin

    Hey @T_Holmes1 and @DFmedia! This looks like it was related to an issue we had been seeing the other day - are you back up and running as far as Estimates go now? If not, I'd love if you could try clearing your browser cache and cookies, and checking to see if that solves this.

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  • jtijti Member Posts: 1

    I still cannot create estimates. Furthermore I cannot view past estimates , therefore I cannot duplicate the estimate.

  • SherlockITSherlockIT Member Posts: 2

    I have the same problem. No solution yet?

  • SherlockITSherlockIT Member Posts: 2

    I am having the same issue. Have tried clearing cookies and using multiple browsers. Estimates are not showing up.

  • seekingbalance10seekingbalance10 Member Posts: 1

    Hi there, it seems the logo functionality is broken. My logo used to appear no problem and no matter what logo I add and what format it is in the logo does not appear and there is a broken image link with no error message.

  • RoxannRoxann Member Posts: 0

    Hi our estimates have not been working, they do not load and dont allow us to make a new estimate...Anyone else have this issue?

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